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  1. Hey Tri, How can I set this up at the west Sand Crabs? [23:55:50] Response: UNWALKABLE [Position[2, 3, 0] is an unwalkable tile.] Ithink there's something wrong with the fighting area setting. it doesn't seem to find the tiles...
  2. Hello, I'm playing on buying this script but I have a couple of problems and some thought for improvement. I tried camping at gargoyles and for some reason my character doesn't pick up certain items and it even tries to alch my guthan pieces that I have with me for healing. In addition to that i think the bot uses the special attack at moments when it's not necessary (when the monster only has 5 hp left).Also it's attacking other monsters when it hasn't even finished their current one, this is not logical and you have to heal a lot more. If there are solutions for these problems, I will defenitely purchase it. Also: What are some god monsters to camp at for decent exp:cash at cb lvl 100+?
  3. On Friday I bought one instance for 30 days. Suddenly the scripts are no longer in my script folder, all my other scripts dissapeared as well. Anyone has an idea what happened?
  4. OKay thank alot, well mine doesn't seem to special, nor daxe, dds and dmce..
  5. Hey, does it support dragon mace special? and how does the Dbaxe special work exactly?
  6. This, indeed an update on the prices would be great! If u get Db axe special, ill make a nice long proggy!
  7. Dragon b axe special would be great! So far great script got 85-90 str here in a few days
  8. Is there dragon b axe special feature?
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