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  1. "unless you agreed upon on a support duration." Hmm. So I guess we just really going to ignore what 2 admins said to me? One stating that the scripter decides, in this case indefinite and the second stating indefinite too saying as long as I need. And on top of this also considering what happened and how it happened, once again I was barely even able to use something that I paid 385$ and it wasnt even my fault. Im sorry but 6 months or not considering this whole thing this is just super unfair to me and unproffessional from you if you just going to ignore it. @Nullable @Flu
  2. 1. Script Author: @Einstein 2. Link to Script's Thread: Private script 3. Date Purchased: 2020/11/07 4. What type of duration did you purchase: As long as I will use it 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): 6. Issue(s): It was a Private tanner script which I ordered exclusively for twitch prime botting for 385$. It looks like he left, the script is probably broken and I dont even have access to it anymore since its expired, so I cant use the script anymore. He said he will support it as long as I use it. I ordered this script 1-2 weeks before prime star
  3. Xau Proxies -I offer private high quality IPv4 SOCKS5 proxies for Runescape. The proxies are only being used by you, they are not shared. -Proxies are not from common hosts or proxy providers that other botters use. They are high speed datacenter proxies with 99% uptime. -The proxy will belong to you as long as you rent it. -This is a digital product and I offer no refunds. -Proxies are from both US and EU, you will be able to choose location upon buying. -The proxies will only have access to Runescape, Jagex websites and to the OSR
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