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  1. alfonsobravo

    Basic Miner

    Is this script still working?
  2. Everything back working again. No idea what caused the problem.
  3. Hey guys, looking for some help with my issue. As of about 4 hours ago, I am no longer able to access the tribot website (and in turn, I can't use the client either) through my regular browser, and now need to do so through a proxy/tor browser. I was informed that it is probably an issue with cloudflare as I doubt my ISP would block me from this website. Looking for assistance please @Fluffee
  4. I've had success using it and not using it. Personally, I believe it doesn't matter. What's more important in avoiding bans is your botting habits. Bot with the same habits as if you were playing legit. Thats the bottom line.
  5. Is this script still working @Encoded ?
  6. 75M from 2 months of botting? I make ~50M a week botting less than half those hours...how'd you only make that little?
  7. Why would a crossbow be better? The blowpipe has much faster attack speed
  8. I've had no problem setting it at the fastest reaction times, meaning it would also be more efficient since faster chests/hr
  9. Hey guys, currently using mage only mode, getting 3.5 minute kills average. Leads to about 12 kills per hour. This is at 99 magic and 99 defense. Am I doing something wrong on the GUI? I don't think mage should be this slow at these stats using max void.
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