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  1. I had an awful time first setting up this script but after I tweaked the settings I haven't been banned. Longest time I've ran this was for ~72 hours without stopping. My advice to you is to change all the settings possible but tweak them so they still make sense. If you're going for 99 I'd suggest try your settings on a few throwaway accounts first.
  2. Thanks just got 99 fletch! It doesn't seem like the bot uses an anti-ban sleep timer when making darts or arrows. Might want to look into this.
  3. Reached 99, thanks @Naton! I had zero issues with this script. I did not see an option for to make stamina potion (3) correct me if I am wrong. It could be helpful but not completely necessary.
  4. I recently ran aAgility for almost 72 hours straight. It has to do with the antiban settings. If you really want agility play around with those settings on new accounts until you find out what works.
  5. Testing right now. Seems to be working flawlessly! A quick suggestion though, when making potions it currently clicks the first unfinished potion in the inventory (for sake of simplicity lets call this inventory space 1) and the first secondary in the inventory (inventory space 15). When I make potions on rs I typically click the potion that is closest to a secondary or some random variation. I hardly ever click on inventory space 1 and then inventory space 15. Let me know if this makes any sense to you!
  6. Clicking the wrong spot at the end of the agility pyramid when you turn in the agility pyramid top. The character "cannot reach that" you script needs to click towards the bottom of the rock pile near the player. I hope this was clear enough. I attached a picture.
  7. what settings do you guys recommend to change and does it matter what I change it too?
  8. Had a lvl 3 account that was a year old. Cut regular trees 1-15 fine w/ mouse speed at 160. Bought axes from GE and moved North of Falador and banned within 15 minutes cutting oaks. Antiban was on mouse speed was at 160. Haven't had a ban otherwise
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