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  1. bot some quests from the start for example?
  2. I got bug where the bot stucks for some reason: It talks to Competition Judge over and over: When the judge asks: Hello again, do you need reminding of the rules? IT may be that it accidently clicks the judge when it got the message from it and then talks to it over and over without finishing the actual 10 arrow shooting.Fix it man.
  3. Do you think that will be useful? That's more like RSBuddy's work in my opinion. and you can find lots of those calculators available already.
  4. Title says all! Im not so experienced so don't throw hard ones.
  5. what are you talking about?
  6. How hard is the competition if for example i create slayer bot? or AIO FIghter for example? will my script even sell?
  7. thats so stupid.. Id rather sell that money
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