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  1. works fine now thank you and thanks for the script ill let you know how things go
  2. so where would i type glass to get things going  thanks

  3. same issue still stuck in idle for molten glass and it says null at the top
  4. am i doing something wrong molten glass not withdrawing just says method type and withdraw required
  5. netami how do i set it up to do range and mage for each boss or is it one combat type because i put in my mage gear but it dont want to use it it just says melee true at the bottom nvm i figured it out i thought the side bars were for prayer but it knows what to pray
  6. When i go to buy a script nothing there it tells me to purchase credits even though i have some anyone else with this problem?
  7. for the fruit stall get its stops at the bank and says walking banking and i have to restart it to drop fruit is it something with tribot?
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