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  1. can you also please check the fishing trawler mode is not working proberly sometimes i get stuck in the boat and says walking to port khazard and after that it stops te script
  2. @Einstein I got this problem very often the last few days. Everytime when i start a script with an argument it stops instantly for the first time. When i do the same again for the second time its working good. This is the error message i get when the script stops for the first starting with an argument. [19:05:24] Starting client. [19:05:53] Downloading script 'Einstein's Fisher'. [19:05:55] Script Started: Einstein's Fisher. java.lang.NullPointerException scripts.einsteinsfisher.z.z.r.q.D(Fish.java:98) scripts.einsteinsfisher.z.z.r.q.A(Fish.java:138) scripts.einsteinsfisher.z.z.r.q.D(Fish.java:75) scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.D(EinsteinsFisher.java:201) scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.run(EinsteinsFisher.java:111) java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [19:05:59] Script Ended: Einstein's Fisher.
  3. @Einstein Thanks for the great script love it
  4. You are a legend. I love this script its one of the best i ever have seen. Keep to good work up bro.
  5. Hello, im trying to use this script but for me its not working could you please take a look at it. The script wont start up.
  6. will try it later today again thanks for the fast service
  7. @Einstein After yesterdays osrs update the fishing trawler is broken check the video below could you plss fix this. https://gyazo.com/cf08efc909a6f189ff8625db9d7e678f
  8. Does anyone here have a good setup for fishing trawler everytime is setup my and it finish it get banned every thursday. all the rest of mine bots working fine. without any ban @Einstein i guess maybe its because when i get kicked out of the boat it increased reaction time and it get banned faster. is possible to add a function the enable by your self instead of automatically.
  9. i just wanted to know if it was avaible to see how much total fishing xp i gained but if you dind't collect it there no data . When i get my next 99 i will drop a screenshot of it
  10. so there is no way to find out your total fishing xp on the account atm?
  11. atm i have one with lvl 96 and an other account with 99fishing 25m+ fishing xp
  12. Or just with paypal balance without linking any bank account
  13. I have a few suggestions: - To add an total XP earned next to xp/hour something like (20k/h | 320k) - To add how much profit you make with fishing for example minnows does not have that. - If possible to remove the breaks time from the total botting time so you get a good overview how many hours you've botted without the breaks. - Maybe how many hours / minutes left for the next lvl Hope this is enough information to understand
  14. @Einstein are you gonna change more layout things or just only the code?
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