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  1. You can use free scripts, but it only last as long as your account's premium duration.
  2. You can use RuneLite for looking-glass feature now.
  3. Able to provide consistency of client updates would be most priority, others we can talk about it later.
  4. I feel the looking glass is worth the money, don't mind people saying it's no difference from the normal client.. I myself have been using both, THOUGH the main client loads, executes better but the ban rate seems higher for me.
  5. Theex

    Bought VIP Extended

    Sorry I think I confused you all for a while, I currently have VIP Extended, I bought VIP Extended again, does it stack the duration?
  6. I currently have a subscription on-going then I bought another VIP Extended with my credits, will the duration get extended?
  7. Was thinking about this previously and thought why no one have this yet. Nice release!
  8. Gold farming is pretty hard, especially on a new account. Maybe you can try botting combat stats as a start.
  9. The GUI looks very slick, would it be intensive on CPU? Also, would like to know if looking glass will be supported? When is the ETA of release? Price?
  10. Thanks, pretty good tutorial that covers every aspect. Though I wish it would have a combat tutorial.
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