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  1. When finding the standard client i get a message saying - no client found runescape is 32bit but tribot is 64bit, Osbuddy loads through but stays black screen, And runelite is same as standard client no client found runescape is 32bit but tribot is 64bit Any help to get me up and running, cheers
  2. Always had LG working fine, now i upgraded to a 4k UHD monitor it doesnt work, ive re instilled rune lite and tribot... Any help appreciated
  3. Cant the script reload the cannon when its lower than 20 ammo (8-15) would be nice, its reloading at like 28 and its rather stupid imo lol
  4. Hello all as most of you may notice when purchasing a script most offer 14-30 day time periods, Usually when i purchase a script and im sure this is the same for most people (correct me if im wrong), But ill purchase a month and rarely use the script, I think a great idea would be to add 7 day purchases to the scripts at a smaller price, Just a idea i thought id get out there, thanks
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