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  1. I really like how I can change and set up the anti ban in GUI its pretty great to be able to make yours unique . Everything runs smoothly at motherload mine. I would leave mining location on default in mlm some of the other ones can be buggy. Also I suggest increasing mouse speed and randomly zooming in or out by hand once every hour or 2 .
  2. Is my void pure at 99 range and 99 mage and 42 def able to do this profitably with this script?
  3. Try opening tribot going to file > view local scripts folder> go back to .tribot folder > close tribot leaving folder open> go to settings under .tribot> delete firewall> delete hooks dat >close > re open tribot
  4. anyone disable the abc2 delays ? is that risky?
  5. Loooooveeee this script once you really figure out how to use the gui and set up the fighting areas and all that right its amazing, thanks for the content . ill do proggy report soon . Only thing I wish it had is a option to log or pause when your task is over.
  6. what do you want me to record doing and how?
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