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  1. For me it doesn't work the "how many do you wish to make" seems to fuck it up and it just keeps pressing the items back and back
  2. COuld you please tell say/send a pic on your red chins(daxmage) because im lvl 88 hunter getting 610k/h your 91 getting 900k i use attack option same placement,low sleep, pretty high mouse speed etc
  3. now black chins hopping is working just that sometime it just picks f2p worlds over and over again if you could fix this it would be amazing its slowing money rates down by alot question can i do 3 ticking on black chins or does it hand in herbs etc when it goes to bank or mabey 3 ticking black isnt a thing
  4. this bot works pretty ok on red chins missclicks some and doesnt get the gp/h as his proggy but when it comes to the black chins when it tries to hop worlds it freak outs and just spams. PLease help me :))
  5. sry im new to this stuff what do you mean whats the debug? Edit: is it the texts under the game where it stans bot debug client debug??
  6. Now it sometimes starts for like 1 min then it just stands still and if I press the X button for logout options it just logouts then it drags the mouse in the bottom left corner Help appreciated
  7. WEll it doesn t for me i want to buy it but it wont start placing traps. If a player/pker/my lvl is seen it doesnt hop and if it it gets attcked it just runs and teleports and shuts down please help me realy want this bot to work since it seems to be the only good one IT doesnt click my boxes in inv just hover over them
  8. sorry might seem like a dumb question but i dont know feedback is appreciated
  9. hi565656

    tribot down

    Is tirbot still down I can t find the notification,
  10. sorry for asking this so much but do you have an "working" proxy i know you just told When someone "recommends" a product with their affiliate link, you can be 100% sure it's of poor quality. but still
  11. but do you reckon i can make like 10-20 bucks a day some time?
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