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  1. I didn't scam anyone, so im expecting my money back.
  2. I never scammed you for $500, why are you lying? You reported me for not paying you $11 when i didn't own you shit, you're making up lies now. Holy fuck, how are you even on this site is what im wondering.
  3. Scammer's Username: CrazyPipe-www.crazy.goldLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/456104-crazypipe-wwwcrazygold/Chat/Discussion Methods: I paid $260 with Bitcoins.Chat Username(If Applicable)*: NoDescribe in detail in your words what happened: I wanted to buy a account from them, but decided i wanted my money back instead. now they refuse to give my money back, they haven't sent me the account before i asked for my money back either. i just want my money back and since i haven't received the account, i have my rights to ask for my money back.Evidence**: Her
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