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  1. Wirez

    Close Topic!

    Indeed. Site bugs section of this forum is being ignored.
  2. Wirez

    Gold price

    True. I have sold some items in my bank and made about 5m cash, which was basically items that I would probably not use, which are now turned into extra cash.
  3. Just as I start training at NMZ, you post this. I might use this, because the game sounds are annoying.
  4. Randomly attacks werevolves which cause the bot to die. I've checked random event files in tribot folders, my account was confused if it should walk away or enter bank pin and it used ring of life instead. Worst part was people were banking near my account.
  5. 3 posts, no feedback. Very reliable (Sarcasm).
  6. This script makes 600k/hr in theory. You can get 600k worth of teak logs in 1 hour, but you can sell about 10-100 in 1 hour, so you won't actually make profit from cutting teaks. Best money making method using this script is to cut and plank oak trees, which makes about 100-130k/hr, which is decent for an account that you don't use and a side-money, which you can use, if you want to take the risk of it being banned with the money and planks on that account. This script is decent, but I'm pretty sure there are better ones that make more money per hour, but possibly has more requirement (No offense).
  7. It was making about 125k/hr with chop and plank option and about 105k/hr with only plank option.
  8. I used to get about 55k exp/hr about 2 weeks ago, but now I get about 40k exp/hr maximum. Is that because I set the bot to take about 10 minute breaks every 2 hours?
  9. By the way, this bot is too obvious. Some guy messaged me saying "I saw you botting at experiments." hours after I've stopped botting. I can tell who bots or not easily too. Tri, can you make the bot go near an experiment by either clicking on mini-map or clicking near the experiment, because tracking and clicking on an experiment through huge rocks and walking to it directly seems too botish.
  10. Started bot with about 8k iron knives. Checked after about 7 hours, only killed 50 experiments and was standing near the ladder at dungeon exit. (Using South-East spot). After that, I left the bot for 8 hours at West spot and it killed about 20 experiments and the script was stopped, because bot was stuck on mime random (After update).
  11. Where do you guys bank yews at? Tested at seers bank and edgeville, doesn't work on both.
  12. A nice proggy here: . Has anybody been banned using this script?
  13. Was working nice until today. It says "Downloading script." and "Unable to load script.". None of the scripts work atm.
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