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  1. Hi! I have multiple proxies that I like to jump to and from. Can I do this without having to close the app and re-open to select a new proxy? Thanks!
  2. Idk if it's too late to mention this, but there seem to be a lot of bugs here. Every time it enters dialogue, the script stops or selects the wrong speech option over and over. Please fix. Thanks!
  3. It just freezes every time. Not sure what to do here. Send Help.
  4. Would you say there's a threshold that reduces the probability of a ban in leveling? I have an account that is 10+ years old at level 56. It was reset when I started the mobile version and the name changed. I still log in under the original credentials though. Would you say it would be considered passed the so called "threshold" anyway?
  5. Hi! I'm somewhat new to this and am looking for some guidance. Money is of no concern, I just need the communities best recommendations. I'm looking for scripts meeting the following criteria: f2p world mining money making magic casting I've also been using LG with OSBuddy, however; My accounts seem to be getting hacked within 48 hours of using the OSB. Not sure what the problem is there, but I've heard of it happening with that particular client before. Let me know what clients you recommend. I don't think it has anything to do with my botting hours as I've only been experimenting with a few scripts in 1-2 hour sessions every 24 hours on innocent accounts several hours old using proxys. Look forward to your opinions. Thanks!
  6. I can't tell if this is good or not because it keeps trying to world hop, which is fine, but when I'm asked if I'm sure I want to hop the script gets stuck there. Might be because I'm new to this, but need help for sure. Thanks!
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