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  1. I get this when attempting to write a file to .tribot, is there anyway around it? Running as Admin.
  2. Fast and humanly Unique clicking Threaded antiban Threaded deathcheck Threaded combat checking Threaded camera control Randomly walks Prioritizes portals, then Spinners Doesn't attack dead or close to dead NPCs SOURCE: https://github.com/javaTribot/java.PestControl/blob/master/PestControl.java REPO: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3045
  3. There are many lists of all the rs items along with their id's used for private servers and such. You could use that list to find the id of the item just by parsing with the name. You could even go as far as finding the item most like what was entered into the textbox, assuming the user is an idiot and doesnt enter the name properly hahaha
  4. I did this once. I wonder how you're going to apply the data you collect to a spline.
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