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  1. I see. I wonder what a good way to work around it would be. Perhaps by limiting the time it can take by running each click in a separate thread, which uses some blocking queue to poll for clicks.
  2. Does anyone else experience that Mouse.click occassionally results in a hang in a Thread.sleep call? The code is obfuscated and part of the API so I can't determine why, but my stacktrace is.. I am creating a time-critical script so even though this happens very rarely, it is a huge issue when it does so. I have no way to reproduce it, it happens randomly.
  3. I see. Bad luck on my behalf then since I just started scripting again yesterday. Thanks
  4. I wanted to port my script from to TRIBot. First thing I needed was to retrieve a list of all players, but Players.getAll() returns an empty array even where there are players in my area. Why?
  5. Coron

    Who got banned ?

    Got banned on a week old account for 2 days, but I guess the ban will be extended? Haven't botted for a long time. First ban for botting ever, actually. edit: I got the ban earlier today AFTER logging in. I started my script and got disconnected instantly.
  6. HP hooks have been requested for a while. Don't think TRiLeZ is going to hook them.
  7. Don't expect any more hooks, he won't even add Character#getHealth(). Been requested for weeks.
  8. Sweet! Finally I can suicide bot.
  9. If you're referring to a method that checks if your target is dead, I'm afraid there is no such method. The reason is that TRiLeZ hasn't added a hook for NPC health yet. I suggest you go bump this thread. One thing you could do is check if the target is doing the death animation. Also when your target dies your interacting entity is reset, but checking if health = 0 would be so much faster.
  10. It doesn't need to be updated, I'm pretty sure it's a hook to a value that RS determines. You could write your own InCombat() method that checks if your target is dead.
  11. Nevermind guys, just a fuckup by myself. I was checking the result in my paint method, which caused a lot of lag and gave a wrong result. So Player.isMoving() is in fact working! Thanks for the help.
  12. That's how I want to use it, but it always returns false when I use it.
  13. How exactly does this method work? It always returns false for me. I am importing the correct API.
  14. Coron

    [07] Hooks.

    Please get this hook done asap, it's all I need to finish my script. Good job on getting the site back up though!
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