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  1. From what I've been reading (and what I've experienced) your account becoming locked straight after tut island means that you IP is flagged, and you will be monitored for botting. The majority of my bots have been banned within a few days of running (and that's running for less than 4 hours a day).
  2. Thank you for your feedback, I understand that there are no new IPv4 addresses, although I was under the impression that IPs advertised as 'virgins' were IPs that had been sitting around doing nothing until purchase, although I realise now that I was wrong. Does this mean that I will be unable to bot using a proxy at all? From what I have seen, running a couple of bots per proxy seems to be what is recommended. I do not wish to bot from my home IP, as that is the IP that I use to legitimately play on my main. Also 20+ bots from a single IP seems to be quite suspicious - surely Jagex would quickly pick up on that and chain ban you?
  3. I ran all of my accounts through proxies. They all keep getting blocked a few minutes after leaving tutorial island. I decided to do a trial with one today - I made sure I was using a virgin and private IP, I created the account on the IP I was using to play the account with the Maxthon browser, I verified the email, I did the whole of tutorial island without the use of a bot, and I haven't botted on it at all. Yet somehow the account was still blocked mere minutes after leaving island on suspicion that it had been stolen. I really don't understand what I am doing wrong, is it possible my client is outdated or something? Many thanks in advance
  4. It has been working perfectly up until the update this morning - now when I start the script it doesn't actually do anything.. Is this expected behaviour after a system update? Many thanks
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