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  1. Sent him a message. Im still very much interested in this.
  2. Hello, Request: - AIO OSRS Account Creator + Tut Island Completer Description: - Create OSRS accounts > Save/update account info in a log > Complete Tutorial island > Advance to Varrock Payment Amount: - To be discussed Time: - ASAP Additional: - Please PM me if you are interested and can make something happen! Best Regards, Secretshf
  3. Same here, I am almost hitting 70 slayer now ; today alone I botted ~16+hours only resting 4-6 hours a day
  4. What were you botting ? I left it running 15+ hours no ban yet, and hopefully not (:
  5. Love this script. @D Bolter make sure you set your wilderness gear. Went from 44 slayer to 68 in a few days , amazing (-;
  6. Just bought this script and loaded it up. Will give my screenies after 48 hours (;
  7. How did you get VIP as primary?

  8. When the bot is in trade waiting for the person to put the correct amount of money the bot debug is spammed with this 100 times a second and CPU usage goes up DRAMATICALLY (from 20% to 70%). Fix this... [13:01:57] java.lang.NullPointerException[13:01:57] at scripts.privatescripts.Nmzseller.e(Nmzseller.java:210)[13:01:57] at scripts.privatescripts.Nmzseller.run(Nmzseller.java:550)[13:01:57] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[13:01:57] java.lang.NullPointerException[13:01:57] at scripts.privatescripts.Nmzseller.e(Nmzseller.java:210)[13:01:57] at scripts.privatescripts.Nmzseller.run(Nmzsel
  9. If it logs out or gets 6 hour log, when it logs back it it will just stand there for hours doing nothing
  10. Are you going to improve the hosting part of this script maybe make a separate script for hosting? Me and at least 3 other people I know would be willing to pay at least 10$ for a hosting script.
  11. Pretty buggy banking so far.. both lumb and fally it seems to idle for a while before banking(sometimes never until i help it out) and someones it just idles in the bank screen without depositing them and just sits there until i help it out.
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