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  1. https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/4014 Blasts chompy birds at the castle wars teak. Start at the location with a bellows in your inventory and gear equipped.
  2. Updates April 5, 2022 I just pushed an up to date version of the script that should be more stable and better overall - Improved NPC interaction code so it shouldn't needlessly idle as much (still has some so it's not artificially fast). - Executes a failsafe if a message appears such as "I can't reach that" which would previously prevent further interactions - Toggles roofs off - Toggles Audio off - uses the fancy new tribot paint - Use the argument "fixed" for it to change the game to fixed mode after the initial tutor.
  3. Works great! Just a heads up, I think it's displaying current mining level as the players cooking level. Xp tracking is fine though.
  4. cTab Maker makes teleport tabs in a POH on world 330 Makes The Following tabs: Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, House, Ardougne Requirements: Staff of Air equipped Noted soft clay and coins Law runes Elemental rune (Fire, water, or earth; does not support combo runes) if needed for the teleport spell Start in Rimmington The Script Will end if: Out of runes or clay Fails to gain xp for 2-3 min Receives "I can't reach that" message 3x (i.e. if someone has doors on or a weird house layout) My to-do list:
  5. I put this on the repo a while ago so about time I made a forum thread. Features: The script uses ABC2 wait times for a fair bit of actions and generates character specific ABC2 multipliers (i.e. % of total). As a result, some accounts will run through tutorial in a shorter time than others, this is normal. It should support both resizable and fixed mode. - Use the argument "fixed" for it to change the game to fixed mode after the initial tutor. Notes: This script will do tutorial island for you. It is NOT meant for farming, so you must name and styl
  6. Sometimes game setting values are unique to the account (e.g. during demon slayer) so you can't standardize it in your script. Varbits are far more consistent and in my experience less likely to change too. Also, not all quests use game settings (I believe), but instead use varbits.
  7. I made an enum of quests containing game settings/varbits that I've compiled over the past year or so and thought I'd share. A few notes: Anything with 0 for both game Setting and varbit (except dwarf cannon, who's game settings is 0), hasn't been filled out. Quests that use varbits usually have several during the various steps, and those are not included here, just the one to determine if the quest is done or not. If you want the excel sheet I used to paste all these into IntelliJ (to modify it yourself), or the values for the different steps of a quest, feel free to me
  8. Update July 10, 2021: Updated paint to be more detailed, including time to next level Improved some navigation. Updated arguments to allow for overriding course to Seers instead of Polv, and to override the likelihood of ABC2 sleeping following an obstacle (see main post).
  9. cAgility Source Code: https://github.com/Cass2186/cScripts/tree/main/scripts/my-script/src/scripts Supports the following courses (progressive) 0-10: Tree Gnome Stronghold 10-30: Draynor 30-40: Varrock 40-60: Canifis (requires priest in peril) 60-70: Seers 70-99: Pollnivneach I'll add more higher level courses if I get the levels or can borrow an account from someone. Features: ABC2 Timed Actions Will eat any food that contains the action "Eat" in inventory, and end when no more food Collects a
  10. version 420 eh . Congrats!
  11. Have been using this script forever with lots of success. Just ran into an issue on the Polv Course where as it goes to navigate the first obstacle it walks to a specific tile and then gets stuck with the following repeated in the debug. I'm using V3. [19:30:14] amtc 2 0 - (3351, 2962, 0) [19:30:14] amtc 2 0 - (3351, 2962, 0) [19:30:14] amtc 2 0 - (3351, 2962, 0) [19:30:14] amtc 2 0 - (3351, 2962, 0)
  12. Update: Version 0.11 Reduced mouse speed to 100-120 down from 140-180 Fixed an issue with crafting lava runes while using lunars Added a few extra lines of debug if the script fails due to lack of items.
  13. cRunecrafting https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3788-crunecrafting/ Here's a script I've been using to level RC. I mainly use steam runes as they are just a bit slower than lavas in xp/hr, but don't result in a loss. Features: - Crafts steam or lava combination runes at the fire altar using Castle Wars bank (you must have at least level 19) - Supports lunars and pouches up to large, including automatic pouch repair via NPC Contact spell. - Hovers some actions to maximize experience rates - Supports random AFK'ing at the bank - Will equip essential
  14. I've run this on 4 accounts now with no problems, works great! It would be nice to be able to customize the target number of tokens prior to getting defenders.
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