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  1. Hi @Einstein I'm really enjoying this script so far, however I wanted to make you aware of a bug with the trawler... for some reason lately after completing a game or two the script will just end without pressing on the net to check for rewards or attempting to join the boat for the next round. There is no error message in the debug. The paint just disappears and the debug says script ended.
  2. To provide some early feedback, a few things I noticed: - The camera seems to land on the exact same angles each time it is moved to click the portal & Phials. Seems like something that could be easily detected. - It seems like the script is a bit impatient when clicking the portal to join a friend's house. Most of the time it clicks the portal twice to join before your character even gets the chance to run to it. There seems to be a similar issue when using the bones on the altar in that it clicks to use the bones but doesn't give your player enough time to move and start the action before attempting to do it again. Other than that it seems to be running well. Thank you! Edit: The same sort of problem comes up with using bones on Phials. If they aren't exchanged quickly enough the script will try again before your character is able to complete the first request, leaving the noted bones selected and the script repeatedly clicking the portal in an attempt to join a friend's house, stuck in an endless loop. It just seems like the script is a bit too trigger happy in general at the moment.
  3. Hey, was wondering if this script supports random event dismissal or if it just ignores them?
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