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  1. Four shore ban. Always happens.. Bot fucks up at a certain point, you don't get banned right away thinking it's all good, bam get hit with the ban a day or 2 later.
  2. I've been ratted not too long ago. Don't click on any shit/advertisements/people's sigs. Trust me, if you're botting you want to be very careful, so just stay out of any links if it has to do with runescape. Same thing was happening to me, all my bots got kicked out, got back on and was cleaned. Ran a virus scan and malware scan (doesn't do anything for rats) waited the next day, changed passwords, gave more supplies to bots, and a few hours later cleaned again. So I reformatted my computer, and haven't had any trouble. Long story short: avoid clicking on anything related to runescape (ex. websites, sigs, other people's links). Best of luck removing this, but if I were you I would just reformat the computer before anything else gets messed up. They even tried to get on my account's emails to change passwords.
  3. Buying ALL iron sets and pieces! Buying in bulk, each set for 8k and each piece individually.
  4. Update on this: Logged on today and the 5 bots were banned (not sure if a nuke ban was made today) and the other 2 accounts that I had finished botting on a few days ago and haven't logged on, had done the same thing. Both with just the whip and scim taken out of the account and that's it. Funny thing is, the only account that isn't linked to any botting whatsoever, my mule which I store all my wealth in and only log in through my browser, hasn't been touched. Just seems a bit weird every one of my bots have been hacked except my mule that I don't use to bot?
  5. Did that already, and it came up with nothing. Could that possibly mean that maybe it wasn't a RAT and that maybe my computer wasn't infected at all? I don't understand why the hacker would go only for the 3 bots running water birth rock crabs, and not all other 6 bots using a different script.
  6. I ran Avast, Malwarebyte, other scanners and nothing found.. Idk that was random as shit, because i had a total of about 9 bots, and only the 3 that were at water birth rock crabs were fucked with. Tbh I really thought it was Jagex who decided to wipe the bank lol. But shit, now I don't know if I should reformat or not.
  7. Thanks I appreciate it. Do you suggest me reformatting my Macbook as well? Or just the computer I use to bot?
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I haven't really downloaded anything on that computer. I just Teamview my main desktop through my Macbook. I was using Runite Waterbirth Rockcrabs.
  9. 3 of my bots were training at rock crabs with full rune/whip. Then all of a sudden they're all logged out at the same time and it says that all 3 were already logged in and for me to wait for 60 seconds. I log into the first one, and it's standing at the edgeville tele/death with just cape, leather boots and gloves, and ring of life on. So i'm like that's weird.. must have died or something? Go to my bank, and everything is gone (didn't have much). So I check the other 2 accounts, and same thing. Everything is gone except for leather boots, gloves, cape, and ring of life. What the fack just happened? I don't really care about the whip/rune and shit, little scared someone got access to my account? And how did they kick my bot out?
  10. Not gonna lie... that "[18:48:01] java.lang.RuntimeException: fuck you hanks go to hell" line is pretty damn funny.
  11. Big vouch for CompileTime, did Lost City, MM and pre quests for me fairly quick!
  12. what's the minimum range will you take for a pure with 60 attack 70 strength and 1 defense?
  13. Can you do it on an account with 60 65 1 1 prayer range and magic?
  14. How much for Lost City + MM + Pre quests? Items are included as well?
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