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  1. Personally I did sessions of 3,4 and sometimes 6 hours without breaking. Never got banned. NMZ is instanced and really afk so banrate is really really low. Tho remember never to bot on an account you can't afford to lose.
  2. Can do this for you easily. For a few gp i'll make jad your bitch. add me Xenaris#7748
  3. I think the scripter is aware, there is the option to hide the chatbox. That should avoid the problem. The mouse speed range option interests me too, seems less detectable this way.
  4. Huge facepalm on my end. a thieving script changed it to 'hidden' x). Thanks for your help! Great script
  5. Script worked brilliantly before but is having trouble today, it hovers over zulrah but never really clicks it. I deleted hooks.dat and restarted tribot to no avail. Any tips?
  6. Hey Guys, Provided that you meet the minimum stats requirements and have required items in your Inventory (I don't want access to your bank!) needed to complete a run of the minigame, I will personally complete the Fight Caves on your account and leave your Firecape ready for you in your inventory. Once i did my run you can keep the remaining items. If you are tired of looking at Youtube videos and/or already tried too many times, let me handle it for you. I will deliver in just a few hours. As i'm new in the services world and don't have a lot of vouches yet I will work with a middleman if needed. Minimum requirements : 70+ ranged 43+ prayer 40+ defens Gear requirements: Rune crossbow or better with ruby or diamond bolts(e) (or better) amulet of glory (or better) combat bracelet (or better) snakeskin boots (or better) Blessed d hide/Void range (or better) Inventory setup: 2-3 ranging potions 6-8 sara brews the rest super restores For pricing contact me on discord : Xenaris#7748
  7. Got me a full void set over the weekend. Behavior-wise definitely beats the Optimus one. I ran it without prayers on 'defend the knight' mode. Pro tip for not getting banned : Just don't make it run unattended, people like to talk in PC and might report you if you don't talk back.
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