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  1. Please help me,how should i do
  2. [06:29:17] We dont have: Cosmic rune [06:29:19] BankEvent opening bank [06:29:19] [Cosmic rune, Unpowered orb] [06:29:19] Banking unreqired items [06:29:19] [Cosmic rune, Unpowered orb] java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "org.tribot.api2007.types.RSItem.getDefinition()" because the return value of "scripts.core.s.c.c(String)" is null scripts.core.h.c.D(BankEventV2.java:99) scripts.core.q.c.K(BotEvent.java:84) scripts.core.q.c.g(BotEvent.java:69) scripts.core.moneymaking.airorbs.i.D(WhipzAirOrberEvent.java:105) scripts.core.q.c.K(BotEvent.java:84) scripts.core.q
  3. Attention, we found a cheater https://discord.gg/S92g3fZm discord :!Prime-Gaming Services#4463 oscardcgs5e:1zVijSs7VG9JgrZK This is the account he gave me wdf!
  4. Buy 7 Days of RuneScape and Old School Membership ! DISCORD:bao5757#3534
  5. " Unable to get paint picture. Try restarting the script or change paint." Has anyone encountered such a situation?
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