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  1. Dentist


    Complete Barrows Mini-Game View On Store Features: -Restocking -Mule -Discord -Discord-Webhook -Mini-Break System -World-Hop System -Fully Customizable ( Gear, Food, Potions, Barrows Order) -Iron Man Support ( BETA ) -Skip brothers For Hunting Specific Item ( BETA ) Requirements: -Priest In Peril Quest Progress:
  2. by thieving tasks u mean training thieving or doing quests ? cause for training thieving there isnt option to bring stamina do u remember which items was that ? for which task ? was it quest item or equipment that is walking bug i reported it to the walker waiting for answer
  3. bot will try to compete with the crasher. making bot hop when someone crashes us is bad idea cause then we will leave the worlds for all the crashers ( other bots ) i will see what i can do about that
  4. this is caused by something wrong in your GUI profile join my discord server and we will help there for faster response
  5. can u provide more details what error u getting ?
  6. sadly no one will be able to share his preset u will have to make your own join my discord and ppl and myself will help with your questions when u creating your own
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