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  1. i will try fix this bug today will start working on it soon shouldnt take that long tbh sure will try pushing it today with the tree spirit bug @Switxh 1-Fixed teleporting to kahzard the to maze 2-Added herb+flower task 3-Protection is still under development
  2. Dentist


    Depends on your agility level , graceful or not i used to take ~10
  3. it always teleport to khazard first then teleport from khazard to tree gnome right ?
  4. 1-will keep that in mind to add 2-will google that 3-can u show me the screen it get stuck at 4-this have been fixed it today update u can join discord for faster reports and suggestions. Link down there
  5. greatz on release gl bro
  6. hops , birdhouses and allotments also adds up to profit
  7. there is big update will be out soon . did u report any of the bugs u faced ?
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