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  1. Will be added it is easy for me to add that but when the user make his own profile means more randomization -> less profiling by jagex
  2. Welcome To G.Vorkath Activate Script Features: 1-Custom Food 2-Prayer potion , super restore 3-Custom Gear 4-Use own house or world 330 5-GE support sell loot , buy supplies 6- Mule support working with G.Mule -> https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3856 7-Mini-breaking system 8-World hop system 9-Ending system 10-Configurable looting system 11-Iron Man Support Requirements : 1-DS2 quest done 2-Luner isles portal in your own house ( 50+ construction ) or portal nexus ( need to
  3. Welcome to AIO Account Builder yet to be AIO RuneScape... Activate Script Features: 1-Ge support 2-Custom Gear Profile for each task 3-Each task can be fully customized ( food type, min and max food Count, gear profile , stamina or energy potion, fill the rest on inventory with food or not ) 4-All skills have 10 Tasks each to be manipulated 5-Shuffle task to randomize the task orders 6-Anti profiling system 7-MiniBreak system 8-Discord notifications (Webhooks) through messages or taking images 9-MiniBreak
  4. it has been merged with my account builder and it should support ironman lmk if u found any bugs https://community.tribot.org/topic/84156-aio-account-builder-12-skills-supported-1-99-62-quests-anti-profiling-ge-support-fully-customizable/
  5. yes the GUI profile name that mean that part of this mid quest isnt supported yet if u can send me image of the full paint i will be able to add it
  6. Dentist


    can u take a gif and print stack trace i will try to fix it asap when u gives me that infos if u arent sure how to get them u can pm me on discord GeniuSKilleR#7153
  7. u can try the V3 it is free for now https://community.tribot.org/topic/84111-account-builder-12-skills-supported-1-99-60-quests-anti-profiling-ge-support-ironman-beta-support-fully-customizable-open-beta/
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