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  1. Np i am adding new quest almost daily u can join discord to suggest new quest or to report any bug so i can fix asap so u dont babysit it
  2. It should be saying why it shut down in the client debug And what u mean paid twice ?
  3. Dentist


    it should generate new run energy to turn it on should say that in the client debug though i will take look now found a potential bug that wouldnt let script generate new point fixed now lmk if it still not working
  4. Update : 1-Fixed holy grail bug if the fisher king is on the other room 2-Fixed holy grail withdraw all adamant scimitars u have 3-Added some midquesting to tai bawi trio 4-Fixed Fairy tail part 1 if forget to pick the sectors duo to break handling or dc 5-Improved chat handling like human to keep holding space bar after the chat is over for couple of secs 6-Rewrote the Quest Tab GUI 7-Removed Custom Inventory
  5. I fixed this yesterday if u still having problems please pm on discord or in my discord server
  6. Update: 1-New task has been added -----> Cleaning findings for kudos 2-New task has been added -----> Rock Cake ( Get a new Rock cake ) 3-Added multiple fixes for tai bawi trio 4-Added some mid-quest support for tourist trap 5-Fixed afk bug after killing the captain in tourist trap 6-Increased pestle and mortal default price range Update : 1-New Quest has been added ----> Bone Voyage 2-Some minor fixes for Tai trio 3-Some minor fixes for the GUI requirements 4-Improved flinching mob in fairy tail 1
  7. Update: 1-New quest has been added -----> Tribal Totem Update: 1-New quest has been added -------> Tourist Trap ( It is still beta i havent heavy test it yet. Only tested on 1 account ) PS : Make sure to select the desired skills u wan it to use xp on from quest settings tab default is Agility
  8. Update : 1-Pushed fix for eating the cooked rabbit during Regicide 2-Pushed fix for idling during mining 3-Pushed a mid quest support for varrock nature quiz 4-Pushed a fix for jungle potion "Stuck in a same tile when getting any of the herbs duo to long wait times " 5-Pushed a fix for Tai bwo trio not working when selecting it from GUI PS: i still didnt heavy test tai bwo trio quest , so mid quest steps isnt supported yet so make sure to watch it 6- Please avoid Fremennik trials for now cause it can cause a ban duo to how it is handling the finding ghos
  9. you need to report proper bug report so that i can fix it Screenshot OR gif : include the paint Bot debug : Client debug : Stack Trace :
  10. ironman support isnt added yet Update : 1-New Quest has been added ----> Jungle Potion 2-Minor fix for Sea Slug Mid questing 3-Some minor fixes for UG , Regicide mid questing
  11. this is what it do now if the item is visible it will withdraw it if not will sear u can use old banking from the advanced tab which tree was it stuck at and what was the Stage in the paint saying
  12. can u be more specific it should be printing in client debug why it having issues like missing item or something
  13. Update : 1-New Task Unlock Fairy Rings Has been Added 2-Mini-Break System has been added back Update : 1-New Quest has been added -----> Sea Slug 2-Minor update to antiban
  14. https://discord.gg/9keC2Dv9wM there is a channel in my discord server i will add the supported quests in the post soon https://discord.gg/9keC2Dv9wM there is a channel in my discord server i will add the supported quests in the post soon Update : 1-New Quest Underground Pass 2-New Quests Regicide 3-Added option to only buy items before each quest 4-Fixed the search for task method
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