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  1. Dentist


    will take a look as soon as i get some free time
  2. It already Have prayer , woodcutting and mining more will be added soon
  3. Update: 1.11 *Added Gold Counter *Custom Gear Has Been Added *Money Making Task Has been Added it will do the best for gold not xp so it will skip trees , fruit trees etc
  4. Update: 1.10 *Added Flower runs *Added Timer For Hops and Flower *Added Improvements to increase the run speed *Fixed some bugs with noting
  5. Under Ground Pass has been added but it is still beta please babysit this quest for now
  6. feel free to pm on discord to discuss this more as i am interested
  7. if u still stuck on that pm me on discord i will help
  8. ok so about the logic u said i wanted to do it like that as like a normal player u dont check all the bank first u just start withdrawing till u find that u are missing an item then u go buy it normal player do open the bank and find that they are missing an item and go buy it support for bottomless compost will be added soon
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