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  1. Welcome To G.Revenant Purchase Script Features: Intelligent anti-PK. GE restocking. Buying supplies & selling loot. Ava’s-Accumulator restocking. Gear restocking. Highly customizable -> Gear, Mobs, Food, Revenant ether amount, Restocking limits, Inventory. Ferox Enclave. Mini-break system. Muling. Auto bonding. GUI profiling. Arguments support for CLI. Requirements: 60 Range. Craw’s Bow. Help and Suggestions: Join my discord for any suggestions and bug reports. https://dis
  2. lmk if u have access to that and i will add it i have no accounts ready for it yet sadly
  3. it will do that but some areas is instanced and requires teleportation out there i didnt code it to be 100% ironman friendly but i am ready to do if there is ppl to test cause i hate looting every item to test
  4. i dont have access to it yet but will add when i do
  5. oh i didnt add support for iron man for this task i can add it now can u pm me on discord GeniuSKilleR#7153
  6. Pickpocketing Elves purchase Here HighScore I am opened to all suggestions lmk if u have any . My Discord : GeniuSKilleR#7153 My Discord Server : https://discord.gg/9keC2Dv9wM Features: -Up to different 6 different elves location -Script will auto change location randomly -Dodgy necklaces support -All food supported ( Based on ID ) can get id of any food from here (Get Items ID) -Custom built in randomization in action ( all actions is randomized based on player seeds ) ex. eating when stunned , droppi
  7. Update 1.73 1-Added new skill Fletching ( Beta ) (cutting logs , String Bow , Making Arrows , Making Darts ) with full abc 2-Fixed minor bug in Below ice mountain 3-Fixed minor bug in Under Ground Pass 4-Fixed minor bug in Ge Prices 5-Forced New Ge Prices to be always on -> Will remove it from GUI soon 6-Fixed minor bug in Big Chompy bird hunter 7-Big improvements to ABC 8-Fixed minor bug in family crest quest does this still happen ? i will add that to my to do list for sure
  8. oh boy i suck thanks will be fixed in next update Update 1.72 -Added Varrcok easy diary -Added mining stand tile ( configure it to force stand on to avoid running between rocks ) -Added Long range support ( Training range ) -Added ability to specify combat level for agility tasks ( e.x magic 55 so that it only do high alch and only start when u have level 55+ magic ) -Fixed Construction Walking to Barbara house spam clicking house tab -Added failsafe for fishing contest talking to grand pa -Holy grail now will auto detect if halberd in ba
  9. level 56 magic should be able to use earth blast spell idk why it isnt possible there but could be that your current level is reduced duo to boostes or something
  10. Update: 1.71 -Added new quest beta Family Crest -Added new quest beta The Feud -Added Horror From The Deep Quest -Added Below Ice Mountain Quest -Added Observatory Quest -Added Watch Tower quest -Fixed small bug in underground pass killing unicorn -Fixed small bug in client of kround talking to jenifer -Changed easy ardy diary requirement from 5 thieving to 15 -Fixed small bug in animal magnetism talking to allice husband -Fixed spam clicking when raking hops patches -Rewrote fishing skill -Added karamja lobster spo -Hardcoded
  11. there should be a error in red typed in the client debug can u get that for me please and u can pm on discord for faster communication GeniuSKilleR#7153
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