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  1. this chest need to be filtered from bankFilter action was Search
  2. specifying action ( contains or equals ) dosent seems to work
  3. Add Bank.depositAllExcept(int... ids);
  4. Add support for walking to specific bank boolean walkToBank(RunescapeBank bank, Supplier<WalkState> walkCondition);
  5. private static Optional<Interface> getQuickPrayerOrb() { return Query.interfaces() .inIndexPath(160) .actionEquals("Setup") .nameEquals("Quick-prayer") .isVisible() .findFirst(); } typo "Quick-Prayer" instead of "Quick-Prayers" missing s Update : you would need to change action from equals to contains too no clue but equals didnt work
  6. add a method to hover with an action like to hover and open choose option is the action isnt the first and then hover the action would be really nice to be added
  7. https://discord.gg/9keC2Dv9wM Fixed use the pendant on the device on the house on the hill
  8. Add camera zoom percent to Debug -> Camera
  9. 1-Withdraw inv items doesnt check for if note is selected or not 2-Is it possible to make it left click if the stack equals the withdraw quantity if the withdraw all is selected gif shows both bugs
  10. BankTask will not check for equipments that is in inv and will just afk till u deposit the gear so it can withdraw again this was fixed but it is back rjxeTXbrG3.mp4.f9935af39e41e745a6db2ae6dc601847.mp4
  11. getting npc animation is missing in new api
  12. getPing always return empty optional
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