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  1. G.Farming: Update 1.12 1-Fixed some custom gear problems related to graceful 2-Fixed some minor bugs 3-added a fail safe to make sure the mouse leave game when waiting for plants to grow 4-Added option for bottomless compost 5-Added option to prevent banking equipment
  2. update : 2.11 ** Old gear profiles and GUI profiles wont work any more sorry about that. there a lot of things going be released soon to g.quester this update contains: 1-Custom Inv per quest this is still beta so be carful while using the usage is same as custom gear ( Noted items not allowed yet ) (Very expensive items not allowed yet unless it is in the bank ). PS: Custom Inv will completely override the script required items so u going be sure of what items to select. 2-Custom Prices has been added for all supported items you will find the Prices.txt file in there >>>> //.tribot //Denstist//GQuester//Prices u need to start script at least once after this update to be able to see this file dont create it manually please u will find the file contains the item name then price like this "STAFF_OF_AIR 0" changing the 0 to the price u wan the script to buy the item for like this >> STAFF_OF_AIR 10000 It will but it for 10k gold ETC and if left to 0 will use random prices as before. 3- Now for custom gear and custom inv script will load the image as soon as u click on the selected gear or inv not only show the items in files only like before. PS: a lot of improvements and things will be added soon and G.Quester prices may be changed soon
  3. Dentist


    will take a look as soon as i get some free time
  4. It already Have prayer , woodcutting and mining more will be added soon
  5. Update: 1.11 *Added Gold Counter *Custom Gear Has Been Added *Money Making Task Has been Added it will do the best for gold not xp so it will skip trees , fruit trees etc
  6. Update: 1.10 *Added Flower runs *Added Timer For Hops and Flower *Added Improvements to increase the run speed *Fixed some bugs with noting
  7. Under Ground Pass has been added but it is still beta please babysit this quest for now
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