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  1. Dentist

    Buying script

    for LG (VIP-E) it will add up meaning if u bought vip now u will have 32 days of vip-e for scripts u will have 2 instances 1 which will end after 12 day and the 2nd one will end after 1 month starting the sec u buy it
  2. Dentist


    it seems u are using tabs that is why fluffee is working on a fix i believe it is pending fix glad u figured it out though
  3. ok first of all LG dont work with rune lite u will need to download openosrs for LG when u downloading it choose operating system as other to be able to download the .jar file then choose the file u downloaded when it open the window find thing and it should work then
  4. i would need more data like did u select repeat tasks from advanced tab , do u have digsite pendant in bank or not , do u have device and trees unlocked for teleportation or not u can join discord server for faster response
  5. you dont have to u can kill it instantly from instances manager https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/instance_manager/
  6. that is the tasks u wan say like u added crafting then u have to go to the skills settings tabs to set the skill so when u go there u will have to select crafting , stopping level u wan , antiban modifier , then click set skill it is kind all skills is 1-99 oh yea i see where the bug is will fix it if u ever wanted any help just join discord server i am pretty active there almost 24/7 and there is ppl that can help u with any question glad u liked the script
  7. what u mean by documentation fixed thanks for letting me know i dont love that cause it can draw a pattern if too many ppl used same rote for like 30 quest it do support getting 18 slayer through quests for animal i am working on a fix for that most quests is it support 9+ magic requirements so that u can do any combat quest recommended to do IMP quest then Witch Potion to get 9+ magic at start it would be great if u can provide me with stack trace but i will take a look into it that part is tricky af i will be recoding it soon glad u liked it i will be adding alot of failsafes soon to avoid any crashes
  8. VIP-E Gives u unlimited access of client not the scripts. so u bought the zulrah slayer that is for 1 instance of it etc
  9. https://tribot.org/pages/pricing
  10. Dentist


    will keep that in mind thanks
  11. u need to setup the progressive level in the advanced tab
  12. it is a bug related to dax walker i reported it to fails and waiting for response
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