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  1. i cant see the benefit of this if u provided good cause of it i can def add it the bot will save the spec to use it on pker to help anti-pk him and potential kill him
  2. yea u cant use plugins with tribot LG
  3. no he is ok there will be statement from him in the future
  4. do u have order id ? should be something like this #67523
  5. idk how would u just skull without avarice ( without attacking other ppl ) script auto detect that if it is already in your gear profile + u have to customize the arrows u want and amount from charge tab
  6. better to post in my discord someone will help cant find it so prob i answered it this is prob something in your settings is wrong pm on discord and send me the profile u using i will take a look MSB spec already supported, what u mean skull and reskulling ?
  7. what u mean by only defends ? like only stay near the knight to defend him ? if so, was the portal u chosen is done ?
  8. can u give me more info on what u mean by prayer flick ?
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