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  1. pm on discord i will add it to your acc
  2. couple hours answering discord dms and tickets so i can fix all bugs reported etc before i push i am 100% sure that isnt a script related this is fixed in next update it do but it need to reset first added that missing half way step in next update can u tell me what is wrong in both please
  3. i added potential fix will be in next update script will never do that putting laptop to sleep is from your power plan option ( windows option )
  4. pm on discord we can sort something out
  5. it will only use the defence option if u selected that in the GUI the default is always use the strength and hitpoints so if u left it empty it will use strength and hitpoints means u did select attack and defence sadly no it isnt ironman friendly yet
  6. Dentist


    if u let me know which other method u want to go there i can add it iban staff not supported yet but will be soon for ironman it do use house teleport tab and then use barrows portal from your own house
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