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  1. Seems promising, I hope we are able to use only our own mouse data on our bots instead of sharing the same data with the entire platform. HWID spoofing would be nice too. The memory/cpu usage across 100 clients is pretty impressive though, I didn't think it could get quite that low. If we are able to use our own mouse data and spoof hwid I might have to give this another shot in the future if my bot isn't done first
  2. Nice release! I agree on the script arguments although I think the best way to handle it is have a GUI with presets you can save, and then load presets through args. as using just args might not be easy for a small scale user. Especially with more advanced options like buy lists with prices..not sure how many items you might need in there but the args could get long. Either way whatever you end up doing I'm sure it will work great for the majority of users.
  3. Don't think that's the case.. probably different factors that come into it but I got temp banned on rs3 pre 1000 total and then botted to over 2.5k total after without any bans, and then botted like 11b profit and still not banned so.. They definitely don't track you too much more after a temp if at all. Ik others here have botted long after a temp with success too. If you care about the acc don't do it I guess but if your farming gold with it just keep farming and mule lmao
  4. A quick search came up with this from reddit, not sure how you would handle this scenario but a few people on reddit have complained about getting skulled in the rev caves by auto retaliate. Maybe adding in a check to make sure you aren't skulled, otherwise teleport would cover most of the issue, although I'm sure you could still die before it teleports.
  5. Not sure what sort of gear is used by people that do revs, but it may be more reliable to check if they are wearing gear for revs. Should try and keep the factor down to as few items as possible, like if everyone that does revs wears eth bracelet you could list them as safe if they are wearing that and a blowpipe or whatever other main weapons are used for revs and avas accumulator.
  6. For anyone else looking to generate their own click points for specific tasks, I made this snippet. Didn't see anything else on the forums about making your own click points so I figured I should post it if others could use part of it or use the idea to make their own. This should not be used often, and is mostly for highly repetitive tasks where you want to reduce the randomness of the normal clicks and weight them to a certain point on the model rather than the center. public static void customClick(RSModel Target, int centerXoffset int centerYoffset, int Deviation, int Button) {
  7. Right? I wish we would get a banwave so I know what's going on with my scripts Although I had a terrible high intensity flipper I ran on f2p for like 48 hours so I have high hopes for this script, well done!
  8. There's lots of great resources on this forum to get you started, I personally don't even really know Java but started scripting a few weeks ago and with all the help on this forum it's been quite the breeze. Personally I just started with the framework tutorials, decided on one I would use and went from there. Whenever you get stuck, between looking at the api and searching the forum you should find what you need. For reaction times, I assume most scripters handle it differently. I believe the best way would be to create your own function similar to abc2 reaction times that generates bas
  9. Oh.. well that was my fault, didn't realize my VIP ran out. Thankfully I was wrong I was starting to think there was no point in bringing up issues.
  10. Doesn't look like that's going to happen, they still don't seem think anything is wrong with what happened. A thread discussing Tribots recent performance was just deleted out of the blue lmao..
  11. C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\settings\ It's in there^ I believe usually deleting hooks is only for RS updates but if you haven't done it before and stuffs broken for you it would be a good thing to try.
  12. Great! I was worried I'd be stuck using ID's for the next little while. I assume you guys already know but people are saying the world hopping is still broken as well.
  13. I just edited my post, it's only broken for using names, ID's work for me too. Sorry.
  14. Banking.depositAllExcept does not seem to be working, it's depositing the only item I'm trying to keep in my inventory (coins) Edit: It's working when I switch for ID's but using names is broken.
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