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Posts posted by marcyp

  1. 18 hours ago, Domasxd said:

    Still same after running the new version, file deletion was succesful, but still black screen

    have you tried what worked for me? run a new client (not looking glass) close the client tab then run a LG tab.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Naton said:

    java -jar path_to_jar


    java -jar DeleteHooksAndCache.jar
    java -jar C:\Users\Nate\Desktop\DeleteHooksAndCache.jar

    replace the path with wherever you downloaded it


    I've updated it so you don't need to run it via the command line to see if it ran successfully. Redownload it if you'd like to try.

    says its finished but still get black screen.

  3. Since the OSRS update yesterday I am still just getting a black screen when trying to load a looking glass client. I have deleted cache and hooks as suggested elsewhere on the forums. Anyone have a solution?

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