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  1. [23:31:46] Script Started: Auto RuneCrafter Elite.[23:32:07] java.lang.NullPointerException[23:32:07] at javax.swing.ImageIcon.(ImageIcon.java:228) [23:32:07] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.h(RuneSelectionGUI.java:60)[23:32:07] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.run(RuneSelectionGUI.java:420)[23:32:07] at scripts.MindCrafter.run(MindCrafter.java:62)[23:32:07] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[23:32:08] Script Ended: Auto RuneCrafter Elite. ^--- doesnt load gui, getting a null pointer
  2. mines still loading your runecraft script lol edit: just seen time dif in our posts, all sorted thank you awsum flawless script btw. Will be purchasing your runecrafter after im done with agility.
  3. "I will look into banking as mentioned a few times throughout all pages. But I can't guarantee it will ever be added. Script does currently not have Guthan's support. It does have bones to peaches support though." bones to peaches wont help, the things i want to camp drop ashes . Deffo will buy when it either has guth or bank <3
  4. dude you can make 150k+/hour on the side of farming herb profits with fletching... you're missing out, simple. "reduce botting time to a minimum and still get the same cash ph" - well know, you're missing out on 150k+/ph lol
  5. planning on adding banking? if so im deffo buying edit: guthans support?
  6. being lazy and cant be arsed to read 53 pages - when are lvl 2 clues going to become available? ill purchase this then
  7. lol at the guy hating on this script... - the farming is flawless - erik updates regulary and is quick to reply to any problems anyone posts + fix them - it has fletching AND thieving scripts built into it (people take this for granted) - $15 for a 1 time auth is very reasonable for this script
  8. mute do you have plans to make the gui more customizable or any of the below; - being able to set equipment for every task individually and saving it. - being able to set specific inventory's for individual tasks. - being able to choose which tasks to pray on and what prayers (allowed by choosing the inventory aswell AKA having prayer pots). - Cannon support on tasks that WE can choose. - using points to skip tasks flagged instead of turael (to preserve the tasks in a row and thus gaining more points) - i know its a recent update to rs itself so i'm not saying i expect this already just is there "plans" ? - An option to support house tabs and maybe some options to select what portals are in your house so the bot can traverse quicker e.g. using kharyll portal instead of ectophial. this would allow for quicker travelling to tasks within the slayer tower and a quicker way to bank if needed. - Guthans switching to heal. And anything else you or anyone else can think of
  9. on nechryael task... why on earth does it kill the death spawns after it has killed a nechryael >.> EDIT: if the door is open into the gargoyle room and you have a nech task and 1 wonders into there it goes in there and tries to kill it but gets attacked by a gargoyle and obv cant kill it because it needs a rock hammer and therefore needlessly fights untill out of food. this script isnt functional at all at the moment and i bought it today :L. after i thought i sorted it, went off did a buggy nechryael task then teled to varrock (twice...?) walked in the bank and started to right click items randomly.
  10. yup same, bot sits at the bank right clicking items in inv EDIT: i replaced my warrior ring (i) with ring of life and dragon boots with climbing boots as i dont think these are supported within the equipment screen i also manually put the enchanted gem in my inv and it seems to run, although very slow and missclicks allot and instead of re-banking it continues. e.g. i have a nechryael task, it banked fine untill it missclicked and didnt withdraw the nose peg so it equipped nothing yet it then carried on and went to run through abby spectres :L
  11. it went to the bank as after it was going to taverly to start of my tree farming. i had airs, laws and waters already in my inv so shouldnt it tele to fally and then bank there for the items needed?
  12. when it has farmed in canifis, it runs to canifis bank rather than teleing to the next farm spot it is going too or teleing just to get to a closer bank. Is there a way to have it calculate the path length of teleing with w/e runes it has in inv to the nearest bank and then vs that of running to the nearest bank? Also when farming trees it doesn't withdraw all the supercomp/seedlings at once it does them one by one. i take it this is something youre working on in your "new tree framework" you mentioned? It now teles to ardy instead of running all the way there to do thieving
  13. sweet, i shall run this with thieving, smart farming, magic secs in 10 mins then and let you know how it goes/the difference !
  14. magic secateaurs: it withdraws them from the bank, doesnt close the bank to wield them instead it tried to right click and wield whilst the bank is open. i then manually close the bank and it wields them but still looks for normal secateaurs within my bank even though ofc it doesn't need them
  15. okay sweet let us know when this gets pushed through, the script will be sooooooooooooooooooooo good! love it atm though man good job! oh okay aha i just havnt used it because of the last tab in the gui about the trollheim patch how do i make it only farm limps when it farms my herbs? so could i set it to farm allotment, flower and herb when all are ready rather than doing 1 by one and constantly farming limps? how do i set it to farm/fletch but to fletch all supplies and then string? whilst still attending to the growing plants when needed? EDIT: any future plans for lunar spell support? i.e plant cure and fertile soil (super comp) spells. Also, i use to run it as farm/thiev but it would finish in say falador farming and then run alllll the way to ardougne instead of teleporting there >.> is this fixed within the new update? p.s. i have a high lvl account and can assist with whatever you need to improve the script/add more things
  16. has this update been put through? i dont see any move uo/down buttons, opts for fast or normal scroll etc. also is trollheim herb patch supported fully yet?
  17. thats at catherby spot btw. edit: it also isnt noting the herbs/veg via the tool lep like it was before, instead in runs to bank them and then back >.>
  18. ermmm this script after update is now withdrawing the supps needed for the farm spots, planting the herbs, banking, planting 1 allotment, banking, planting the other, banking, planting the flower etc etc...??
  19. anyone able to walk me through the gui/logic through tv or skype - marcyp93 i will reward
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