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  1. Hello, It is my understanding that the client will randomly change the mouse speed for certain tasks. However, in the API there is a class Mouse that allows you to manually set the speed as you wish in your code. Say I need a higher mouse speed for a certain in-game task. I am using this code in my run() loop. final static int mouseSpeedVariance = General.random(50,80); if(Mouse.getSpeed() < 110){ Mouse.setSpeed(Mouse.getSpeed() + mouseSpeedVariance); } I believe that 110 is the maximum the client will set the mouse speed to. So essentially this method just checks to see if the speed is at the default, and if it is, it sets it to a speed 50 to 80 higher. It should only execute once as the if condition will only be met when the script first starts. MY QUESTION: Now that I have manually set the mouse speed, will the client no longer randomly change the speed for certain tasks? I ask this question because obviously it seems like it would be more 'bannable' to no longer utilize tribot's mouse speed randomization and I don't want to miss out on that for the sake of a higher mouse speed. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Does anyone recommend against modifying the mouse speed in any way? Is this just a bad idea?
  2. Hi, I am trying to write a script and I am seeing weird client-sided bugs. Here is an example of code I am running RSItem[] item = Inventory.find("Item"); if(item.length > 1){ doSomething(); }else{ doSomethingElse(); } In-game, I will have 1 of the item in my inventory and doSomethingElse() is invoked. So essentially there must be an error with getting the length of inventory items because doSomethingElse() should only be called if there are less than 1 rings in the inventory aka 0, which is wrong because there is 1 and thus neither doSomething() or doSomethingElse() should be called. I am also just generally noticing weird behavior and clicks. For some reason the bot hovered very quickly over each individual item in my inventory after it closed the bank and I definitely have no code in my script to do that. It's just so weird.
  3. These problems just came up a few hours ago and have not resolved themselves. To further explain the input bug: I load a client and the red X mouse guide never appears and I can't click or type anything into the client.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a snippet of code that returns the population of world i as an integer. There was a snippet made for this back in 2015 but it does not work now and honestly I don't really believe it ever worked. Paying $5 EDIT: The snippet should look up values from the online website. It's easily possible to grab the numbers from the world switcher interface in-game but website lookup would be less CPU intensive.
  5. I uninstalled Eclipse & Java and re-installed and the problem is fixed. Thanks guys.
  6. Just updated to the latest and it didn't fix the problem
  7. Still not fixing the error. I'm going to try and update my java
  8. I followed this youtube video to set up eclipse. It allows the .java files to be compiled directly to tribot. By dependencies do you mean setting up the build path with the .tribot jar?
  9. I am trying to define an RSObject but I am getting errors in eclipse. When I hover this is what the error is: "The type java.util.function.Predicate cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files". I tried re-setting up eclipse and nothing changed.
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