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  1. Script works extremely well, which is no surprise considering it's a Naton script. Ran her 1 - 2 hours a day for the past 3 days, never for more than 45 minute runs before a break, always babysat. Paused the script to talk to people here and there. Took a 6-12mo break from botting and tried this to see if I should get back into it, this new house's IP has never been played much less botted on. Account was made from a fresh handmade Gmail, tutted by hand and manually quested waterfall and a few others up to 8QP for ban-resistance No other scripts were used on the account e
  2. Great question. I wonder the same myself. I think the java class files are local only. For them to exist in the repo, they would have to be pushed (uploaded), which the few scripts I wrote never had to be uploaded to run.
  3. Would be extremely excited to buy auths if Imp Catcher, Doric's and the Knight's Sword were CLI launch-able. No pressure at all, just wanted to throw it out there ? Super robust script Jamie!!
  4. Just want to make sure we're aware runtime and profit on the paint are broken. Also, every now and then, the script will spam click about 5-20 times on the minimap on the exact square the character is standing on. There are a couple other places it bugs out when finding a target, but only rarely. Nothing more than a friendly heads up, I'm switching to another client for combat for other reasons either way.
  5. This script seems to work extremely well, but doesn't support progressive training (switching att/str/def)? Interested in becoming a customer but would need that as a feature.
  6. Same It's been working profoundly slow for me lately. Been standing in the quest guide's house for 51 minutes and only gone through 3 dialogue boxes.
  7. Is there any documentation for this with all of its options?
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