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  1. script completly broken. Bot stands still in one spot clicking the "use middle mouse button to move camera" option and it clicks it on and off every 5-10 seconds and does not do agility or move around or anything. @Aropupu
  2. So I made 84 agility on two accounts so far. I want to push one of them to 89 now. See how that goes. Wish me luck
  3. Bot does not refill absorbs / overloads with options ticked. HELP! hooks.Dat deleted & developer mode! @Naton
  4. update: 84 / 77 almost there with main too!
  5. two characters agility levls now 83 / 76........ 6 hours till 84 (summer pie rev cave agility shortcunt!) maybe in a week my main to 84 also.
  6. cyber suicided an agiltiy bot for 2 months and it wasnt banned. lol
  7. Lol i can assure you you weren't banned because of this script. 80 agility on 1 character and 70 agility on the other. Thanks!
  8. Zerker zerker is at 79Agilitt now 75Def. 75 attack 9x str main is at 60 so far so good ?
  9. Managed 75 agility Since Thursday with the script. ..30 hours of agility training hope that doesent scream bot.
  10. I just stopped at 65 let’s see how this goes. Re-Editing post. 73 Agility now!
  11. so far, 60 Agility will update with periodic progress on my road to 89. if i get banned \o/ ill give many details.
  12. @CyberWizard a Program designed to watch bots doesn't keep track of how long players have been logged in training just seems kind of odd to me.
  13. Hey guys wish me luck on my 40-89 adventure! I’ve read cybers guide to botting and fussed around with anti-ban mechanisms on the trial . Any tips or advice appericiated. This will be on a zerker account.
  14. If this prevents me from being banned and means I can focus on class this semester then so be it. Maintenance isn’t free.
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