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  1. Working really well, on the way to 99 magic as we speak (95 currently). Love your scripts! 10/10
  2. New changes are kinda dog shit but some scripts on here have insane amounts of customizations that scripts on other platforms don't offer. It allows users to customize the script to sort of mimic their playstyle lowering chances of bans imo. If other platform's scripts can match these script's customizability, I'd jump ship already but right now, gotta make do with what TriBot does.
  3. Amongst millennials, Facebook's kinda dead imo.
  4. Is it just me or do custom mouse settings not work with TriBot 12? I'm using one of Einstein's scripts and no matter how fast or slow I set the mouse speed, it never changes?
  5. Thanks, just weird seeing it skip past clue scroll bottles when dropping the other fishes at barbarian outpost. I have to manually intercept every time to drop it then continue fishing.
  6. Hey, just recently purchased this script. Works really well so far, probably even better than Encoded's. Can you make it an option to drop clue scroll bottles when barbarian fishing?
  7. Hey Naton, small nitpick, but is it possible when restocking potions that it just enters 255 or something instead of calculating the difference (255 - num in stock) to purchase? I feel like nobody calculate the exact number needed to reach 255 and then enters that. Other than that, I've maxed on combat now and currently working on range. Great script btw!
  8. 99 attack and 99 strength done. Working on 99 defence. Super solid script!
  9. 99 strength done, working on attack and defence now. Nice script Naton!
  10. You should aim for the most afk possible. Limit interactions to a minimum, don't rock cake once hp reaches 2 every time, let it go up to 5, 6 or even higher before rock caking. This script is very good if you know what youre doing.
  11. Also got permed Barbarian fishing at 91. I was able to appeal the perm banned though because I botted on a proxy.
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