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  1. Whenever a pouch has to be repaired, it clicks on NPC contact and selects the Mage but then it doesnt click on the text to go further and repair pouches... Running Lava runes
  2. Selling 30 credits in OSRS GP 2M ea
  3. I'm selling 30 credits if anyone is interested
  4. Hello, First of all I wanna start by saying well fucking done. Script is working very good!! Never used a better slaying script. Not a bad point but would it be possible to let the bot use the 'bank all' button instead of banking everything 1 by 1 after a trip? And is it possible to make the bot use the fairy ring in my POH?
  5. @Naton Yea its fixed now after closing. Script is working very smooth thank you!
  6. When GUI opens it just freezes and I have to force shut it down, it doesn't do anything : [09:41:22] 09:40:15 Downloading script 'nNightmare Zone'. [09:41:22] 09:40:18 Script Started: nNightmare Zone. [09:41:22] 09:40:18 [Info] Please remember, make sure to try deleting hooks and restarting the client x2 if you are experiencing issues with the script. This must be done before submitting a bug report. [09:41:22] 09:40:18 [Info] Additionally, make sure 'Use hook storage' is disabled in your tribot settings. [09:41:22] 09:40:18 [Info] Enable remove-roofs in the game setting
  7. What with credits we have bought? I can not seem to use credits to purchase VIP/ scripts?
  8. Hey, I purchased some credits, how can I use them to buy scripts and monthly subscription. I used this bot a couple of months ago but it has changed alot...
  9. Hey, great script man! Helped me very good so far. But there is one question and I cannot figure it out. When I mark the Bones to peaches option to heal through peaches it does not pickup any bones to use the bones to peaches tab on. If you could help me that would be great !
  10. Got a 2 day ban after using this bot, used it like 2 hours max straight then took 1 hour minimum breaks. Used it over the weekend to get full ranged void. Sometimes what happened with this scrip is : it kept spam clicking the place where my character was standing, I've encountered this for 4 times when checking up the bot. Also it spam clicked tile per tile to get to the next portal(while it just could of clicked on the minimap). (this was on attacking portals mode) On attacking the void mode : if you are melee and there is a monster down the stairs (next to the stairs down) it go
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