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  1. Hello there, as title says, function getAllVisiblePoints() of Model objects returns coordinates which are also hidden. It may be that I am misunderstanding the description of this function. Here is an image of using this function to get the bank booth (as visible) but the returned points are behind the wall (and also do not match the wireframe of the Model). In the below image the points returned are overlayed over the screen (with alpha=0.05) in red.
  2. Hey @Encoded- got some feedback (also been a while since I've been on tribot, happy to see you're still making scripts). General: Not sure what is meant by max zoom on page 1, but at maxed out zoom, the script has massive issues clicking seeds onto patches. Looking at the models etc I think it's quite hard to hit - at half zoomed in it does much better (max zoom out = 1 row of dead plants nearly every time due to the amount of missclicks). Similar to above, the miss clicking of seeds onto the patches or miss timing) is quite bad (and sometimes 10+ times in a row).
  3. Does this work with just a mounted glory and no pool? For me it teleports to house and turns off.
  4. Im maxed, wearing ahrims,serp helm and karils blowpipe switch obviously. 4 karambwans, eat at 65% and thats about it. (pots obviously). I was also wondering if anyones ever tried this with armadyl, acb+DFS/odium? People doing that legit sometimes get fast kills and seems easier with no switch.
  5. Mine was working amazing as you can see but after this it just kept on teleporting to castle wars and back to zulrah and so on. Did tjhis for about an hour before I noticed. Wasted a lot of rings.
  6. I have no idea how you are dying so much. This script has been amazing for me. It'd probably your stats or your settings.
  7. Gotta try and 24/7 it now, gl me. Stupid but point being Im kinda bored of this game so just wanna see how much I can make until probable ban.
  8. Yeah I didnt mean anything by it dont worry. Ive been very lucky and gotten 3 onyxs (was dry 400 legit). But yeah im maxed and I think this bot is great thanks man
  9. I am getting consistent 1.6m/hr with barrows but will try.
  10. When I did 400kc legit I found this setup faster but I will try void later.
  11. From yday, got an onyx and made bank. Got another onyx today and still running.
  12. Average kill time for a 99def/99range/99mage account on looking glass?
  13. Added you; have some to sell.
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