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  1. Does this work with just a mounted glory and no pool? For me it teleports to house and turns off.
  2. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: Free most days and weekends as on summer holiday. What is your Time Zone: GMT+0 London Time Do you have a 20M 07 Gp Deposit (Asking to work for the deposit will result in a BLOCK) : Yes, I do. What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: Can do quests, torso, void, powerlevelling and most things except fire cape. What is your skype? : Word ([email protected]) Why would you like to work for my services?: I am en ex-developer with some of my bots being very popular so I thought I'd like to help out again but do not feel like developing more bots so I thought this would be a good idea. I also have a lot of free time so its a good way to earn some cash. Do you agree to the TOS?: Yes.
  3. Im maxed, wearing ahrims,serp helm and karils blowpipe switch obviously. 4 karambwans, eat at 65% and thats about it. (pots obviously). I was also wondering if anyones ever tried this with armadyl, acb+DFS/odium? People doing that legit sometimes get fast kills and seems easier with no switch.
  4. Mine was working amazing as you can see but after this it just kept on teleporting to castle wars and back to zulrah and so on. Did tjhis for about an hour before I noticed. Wasted a lot of rings.
  5. I have no idea how you are dying so much. This script has been amazing for me. It'd probably your stats or your settings.
  6. Gotta try and 24/7 it now, gl me. Stupid but point being Im kinda bored of this game so just wanna see how much I can make until probable ban.
  7. Yeah I didnt mean anything by it dont worry. Ive been very lucky and gotten 3 onyxs (was dry 400 legit). But yeah im maxed and I think this bot is great thanks man
  8. I am getting consistent 1.6m/hr with barrows but will try.
  9. When I did 400kc legit I found this setup faster but I will try void later.
  10. From yday, got an onyx and made bank. Got another onyx today and still running.
  11. Average kill time for a 99def/99range/99mage account on looking glass?
  12. Added you; have some to sell.
  13. Updated. I'm still on holiday and hence I haven't been online, and didn't manage to add all the names into it before leaving, and hence hoped someone would be able to decompile/post their own, but 1.70 will get santa hats, so it's out there now.
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