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  1. I'm making this post because I've had a few people ask where I went, and because I want to make it clear to them, and to myself, that I'm not a part of this community anymore. I know I've only been a scripter for a few months, but I just don't want to be involved with Tribot any longer. At this point, even just thinking about Tribot (or runescape in general) makes me feel sick to my stomach. I realize that may sound like a joke, but it isn't. For the past months since I obtained the scripter rank, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time writing Tribot scripts. I would wake up thinking about tribot, go to sleep thinking about tribot, and oftentimes, I'd have dreams about tribot. I don't want that to be my life. The problem isn't the tribot community, or anything like that, it's my lack of self control when it comes to programming. I'd be fine with this lack of self control if I were obsessing over a job, but the thing is, I'm not even making money from these scripts, I'm just wasting time. My main goal when I started writing Tribot scripts was to develop a solid understanding of java, so I guess I accomplished that at least, but there are much more efficient ways to learn java without destroying your mental health. I appreciate that this community exists, and that I was able to develop some scripts that people have used/learned from. Goodbye.
  2. Delete your .tribot folder and relaunch the client, that’s seemed to have fixed it for everyone else.
  3. The only ways to lift the restriction would be to satisfy the requirements, or to purchase members. If you bot the accounts to 10 qp and 100 total, they'll probably have close to 20 hours anyway. It's not a terrible restriction, especially with some of the nice questing scripts available. Good luck!
  4. I just made my mining script open source today, and I think it could be a really good resource for you. It includes everything from the very basics, to a gui, to profiles, and pretty much anything else you could think of in terms of a resource gathering script. You can also message me on discord if you have any questions: bbuu20#9763 Check out the script here:
  5. Bbuu20's Miner This script is some of my best work. I've followed all the guidelines for a premium script. I've also implemented a user friendly gui, along with options to bypass the gui using args. The script uses ABC2 level 10, as well as a custom fatigue system that users can adjust manually in the gui. The script handles traditional mining with any tradable ore, with an option to hop worlds on rock depletion, and/or avoid wilderness pkers. It also has a progressive mining system, allowing users to string together tasks, making the script truly set and forget. And now, it is completely open source on my github at: https://github.com/zperkins11/Bbuu20-s-Miner I developed this script with the intention of going for premium scripter, but I've since decided I'd rather make it open source for people to learn from. It has its imperfections, as does any script, but I believe it will become an excellent learning tool for new scripters. From this source, you can learn: How to create and implement interfaces How to create and instantiate objects How to/when to use static methods/variables How to implement profile saving/loading How to implement a javafx gui and/or receive arguments How to use a custom css stylesheet with your javafx gui How to create a simple and effective paint And much more involving the tribot api. GUI Paint 50 hour proggie
  6. Oh, I actually am seeing that as well, but only when I launch from the repository. I'll see what I can figure out about that, it shouldn't hinder the script's functionality at all though.
  7. Based on previous cases, it seems like this is a local issue. Does clearing hooks/deleting the .tribot folder fix it? I'm looking into it, but I think it's a local issue.
  8. Right, good idea, I'll update the snippet using actions in a bit. Thanks for the feedback Jamie!
  9. Bbuu20's Emote Handler While working on my clue scroll script, I noticed TriBot doesn't have a class to handle emotes, so I decided I'd make one myself. I realize emotes aren't something that are used very often, but I figure this snippet could be a good example of how to use enums with values in java. Emote Class: Example Of Use: public class EmoteExampleApp extends Script { @Override public void run() { if (Emote.YES.doEmote()) { System.out.println("Success!"); } else { System.out.println("Failed..."); } System.out.println(Emote.YES.getWidget()); } }
  10. I don’t have that issue, are you using args or gui? You could try deleting your .tribot folder.
  11. Are you only doing that one time? Idle actions need to be called continuously while the player is performing an action.
  12. You can increase the overall ui size by following the steps at this link
  13. Update: Fixed a progressive mining banking issue The tile to walk to after banking will now be drawn on screen if "Draw debug" is selected Support added for Port Sarim deposit box
  14. Yea, there is a tribot feature for breaking, but I haven't actually used it. This link may have some info: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/18639-how-to-use-the-new-break-handler-tutorial-by-zainy/
  15. It will dismiss events, and it shouldn't take damage if you have anti-pk enabled. There's nothing implemented for taking damage from npcs, but I could add an option for something like that
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