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  1. Ok, I've made the repository public again.
  2. bbuu20


    Not really anything specific. Bug reports, functionality, recommendations, etc. are all good.
  3. bbuu20


    I haven't thought about costs, it may be a while before this script is ready to be premium anyway. Hopefully all goes well, be sure to try out the script's different features (especially smart mouse). I'm working on redesigning the ui so it's a bit easier to use/understand.
  4. bbuu20


    Yes, if you use smart mouse it should work fine for npcs, but let me know if you run into any issues.
  5. I added argument support, just enter the name of the profile you'd like to load followed by a colon, and then enter a 0 or 1 for no paint/paint. eg. exampleProfile:0 would load exampleProfile.json, and wouldn't paint. Also, saves in the profiles tab will only show the profile name rather than the whole path now.
  6. bbuu20


    Accounts certainly don't need to be on the same world, although they can be if you want. If you're using the blind mouse option, things like camera zoom/angle and player position would need to be the same, but with the smart mouse option, none of that matters since it's actually interacting with the game and the host rather than just clicking a point. I did my best to explain in the description, but it'll probably be easier to understand when you see it in use. I'd recommend just using smart mouse until you run into a bug, and then blind mouse will probably have you covered. I made it so
  7. bbuu20


    bMulti-Boxer and Macro Recorder Welcome to Tribot's first Multi-Boxing script. Download: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3830 Notes: Progress What is "Multi-Boxing"? Why use a Multi-Boxer instead of just botting? Why bMulti-Boxer instead of another multi-boxing technique? Features/Tutorial Okay, now that you know what the script does, here's some explanation on some of the script's features, and how to use them. Host/Client Macros Smart-Mouse Kick Selected Active/Disabled If you've ac
  8. Honestly, I thought it already used args lol. I’ll add that in the next few days.
  9. Not sure why I never saw this reply, I’ll look into it. It was working fine last time I checked though. Yea, it's still working fine for me and everyone I've talked to. Are you sure you're setting it up correctly? What mining level is the account you're trying to use?
  10. I think I’ll be able to release something soon. It’s definitely the most ambitious script I’ve worked on, but it’s coming together.
  11. I’ve been working (for a while) on something I think is pretty cool. I don’t want to say exactly what it is yet, but I think it will pretty much remove the need to do anything in game by hand. I’m hoping to release an early version soon.
  12. I have thought about it, although the idea as of right now is to leave my new progressive miner as a free/community script, and that basically does everything useful that the aio miner did. If I were to bring back the aio miner, it would be more of a true all in one.
  13. b3-Tick-Miner (Beta) b3-Tick-Miner is (as its title suggests) a 3 tick mining script that will mine Granite, Sandstone, or Iron. Sandstone will be placed into the grinder if desired. Note: This script uses a guam leaf and tar, along with a mortar/pestle for tick manipulation. Make sure you only have one clean guam leaf when the script starts. You can bring extra grimy guams, and the script will clean one for use in the rare event that a misclick occurs and the guam is made into paste. In the event that you run out of guam leaves, the script will end automatically. Require
  14. Update: Rewrote script to be purely a progressive miner Updated source code link
  15. Most of the new tutorials on tribot are focused on javafx rather than swing. Naton made a great on here:
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