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  1. Smoke420

    Improved PiPs

    think this was suggested & denied as it was already in progress/consideration idk before.
  2. looked like he's 60-70 str. I'd guess ~55 defence 65 strength 90 attack with d long for it's d longedness. ; could also risk more than they are
  3. No users were scammed. They were all provided with a working method as to how to use the proxies with that site's client. The proxies are not guaranteed to be usable for the site's forums due to being banned from a ban evader who had access to the proxy prior the user who was not allowed on forums with proxy. I tested several myself and all worked fine. Please do not act like you have any idea over the situation. I was banned for "Selling Banned Proxies" which is ludicrous and an appeal has been posted on my behalf by Roomscape
  4. Scammer's Username: Mikasa Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/11836-mikasa/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Brandon Neuweiler Describe in detail in your words what happened: User purchased a proxy via my webstore, disputed payment on paypal shortly afterwards. Evidence**: We do not advertise our proxies as "unflagged" IPs are indeed private for the duration customer purchased, Katie was speaking in reference to our provider. Botting is breaching jagex's T.o.S and is the least safe thing you could do for Runescape. Proxies provide the opportunity to avoid being "chain banned" Other:
  5. Smoke420


    error with yo java/jdk/jre idk a java not the client itself
  6. if you made acc on a home IP you believed to be safe and are now using account on VPS i would imagine you to be safe with limited time on home IP.
  7. You bought a TB account essentially, which is against rules.
  8. Smoke420's Verified Middle Man Services Available For Any & All Types of Trades/Swaps --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Fill Out The Form And Add My Skype (SmoakJake) or Click This Button - Please Fill Out The Form And Add My Skype (SmoakJake) or Click This Button - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T.o.S Not Liable For Anything After Trade Is Complete. Available For Any Type Of Trade. Free. Will Ensure Both Parties Are Happy And Safe. By Filling Out Form & or Skype You Agree To These T.o.S
  9. assuming gloves for smith, user wants for goldfarming.
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