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  1. Thanks for the info Netami, I had assumed my project may be tedious however having slightly more specific info as to why this is the case and is interesting/welcomed. I would argue that the use of mouse keys/keyboard and the type of tasks make this script inherently efficient, however i am not correcting you as the argument against my argument requires scripting knowledge which i do not have. To any prospective scripter, do not let this sway your decision to script for me. I am fully committed to this project regardless of price (within fair reason) and time required; either way, you still get paid. If you are on the fence about taking on this project, at least talk to me via discord. I feel communicating via voice will help to clear any misconceptions on my part. Now stop talking about how difficult this is lol! You'll scare people away
  2. Then let's hope you are overestimating the difficulty
  3. Hello, I am looking for a flawless (I know) script to run lava runes (slave) and i am looking for an experienced scripter to do it for me. The script is needed to work with this discord - https://discord.gg/dtEqAD8. Here is a sample video of what i would like to have scripted - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbc0VJQPREA I will require contact over discord. There are a lot of small twists I would like to implement and its just easier doing so via talking. If you provide me with a quality script at a fair price I will have A LOT more work for you. Some ideas include account creation, auto-mulling, account management tools, lunar diplomacy, Auto Tree/BH Runs, slayer, 1-Tick WC/Fish, PVP and much more! I have countless ideas! If i can think of it, i want you to script it. Here is some basic info Its not well thought-through but i trust your abilities. Tick Efficient Keyboard + Keybind - Simulate MouseKeys GUI - Name - Duration - Type - Trade x 8 (needs further explanation via discord) Support For (If/than) Binding Neck / Earth Tali Stamina Potion > 50% (When?)(Barbarian Crush) Ring of Dueling NPC Contact Basic Task List (Far from perfect) Imbue Click Bank (Random) - Ess (X) - Open Pouch (MK) - Ess (X) - Inv (Bind) - Ring (MK) - Click Ruins - Click Set Location (Random) - Click Trade - Click Ess (MK)(R) - Click Accept x 2 - Open Pouch (MK) - Trade - Bind (IF) Trade Ess (MK) - Click Accept x 2 - Inv (Bind) - Click Glory - Tele Edge (MK) Talisman Click Bank (Random) - Ess (X) - Open Pouch (MK) - Ess (x) - Tali (All) - Inv (Bind) - Ring (MK) - Click Ruins - Click Set Location (Random) - Click Trade - Click Tali (R) - Click Ess (MK)(R) - Click Accept x 2 Open Pouch (Shift)(MK) - Trade - Bind (IF) - Trade Ess (MK) - Click Accept x 2 - Inv (Bind) - Click Glory - Tele Edge (MK) MSG me with an offer. Any reasonable offer is accepted. I will take into account the amount of work that I am assuming my script will require. Please take into account the work I have done and the potential future work when deciding on a fair price. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! Lets do business!
  4. Your English still needs improvement... Nice try @Einstein ....trying not to verbally abuse this "individual..."
  5. I purchased this bot last night When crafting @ ZMi, the bot has issues selecting the ladder down.; it takes a few trys and the character runs up/down the hill several times. When attempting to craft nature runes via the abyss it simply says logic broke, speak with Warfront
  6. Runes respawn. When I enter Stop at 0 it will buy when 1 rune respawns. Can this be fixed or should I pick another item to buy?
  7. For future reference, this script isn't particularly useful anymore IMO due to the release of the GE. Hopefully this saves someone time
  8. What a great resource, that site offers prices far lower than I've seen. You just made this a lot easier.
  9. Glad to know Azure is overpriced, I’ll look into Dedicated Virtual Servers
  10. I know that I only want to purchase services from a major provider like AWS, Azure etc (reputation,) however I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the options available from the many different providers. I’ve been looking @ Azure, here’s is the link. Feel free to Google it https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-machines/linux/ Is Microsofts Azure Compatable with Tribot? (Blacklisted, Iimited proxies, other?) If Tribot isn’t a compatible with Azure then what other major provider should you recommend? Google, IBM? I’m paying for reputation. Which Category & Sub Category of Server is best? Recommendations for a server with $100-150 monthly budget? I’d like to run as many as possible Bandwith Limits, does this have anything to do with our needs? Benefits to having multiple small servers over a single large server? What other questions should I ask when I speak with Azure? Bonus: Reputable proxies of similar quality (shameless handout, sry) I would appreciate any advice you may give or research you must do. Without help, I would probably purchase the wrong product. In return, I will attempt to help out another when I am able to. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks Botuser420, you’ve been helpful. (Passes the Bong).
  12. I am looking into Tribot. Does the client have the ability to preform a script, log into another account and repete in a loop?
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