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  1. So how goes it? For the past couple of weeks I've been following the "java made easy" course pretty intesively, while taking notes. Followed some scripting tutorials on tribot, specifically the powerminer on youtube and trillez's scripting tutorial. However im still pretty lost on how to actually construct my own script and how to implement specific API methods, such as dynamic clicking. I'm actually very eager to get a hang of this. So maybe we can help each other out somehow.
  2. Hey! @Optimus Thank you for the latest updates. I have a problem in the security stronghold while using safespots the bot will click on the door accidentally and get stuck outside. It will continue to try to return to the safespot but isnt able to because of the door. It then will spam click the spot until 5 minute failsafe timer. can you make a fix for this please. Thanks
  3. Optimus does not update his scripts anymore do not buy this garbage. He doesnt need the money anymore
  4. Hey! Will you be adding support for nmuler with this script anytime soon?
  5. Haha how times have changed. NMZ is an account deathwish now
  6. Hello thank you for this script. The bot sometimes when cutting undead twig will just stand there getting hit by the tree until it dies. Then walks to edgeville bank trying to find the supplies. Then stops saying it doesnt have enough supplies.
  7. @Einstein hey man could you add a support for script stopping after q certain level is reached. Or time based? Thanks brotha
  8. Hey @Einstein great script! Is it possible that you could add in a function to stop the script once you hit a certain level? Thanks
  9. This script has a lot of bugs. If safe spotting is selected the bot will just sit there not doing anything. Most areas to walk to are not supported. Other than that it kills shit, and eats food and banks i guess... 6/10
  10. client debug spams "yess4" when taking break not a big issue but kinda annoying incase of a bug then i have nothing to show. Also when i had my GUI presets saved and noticed the bot wasnt eating food anymore. when i clicked on my saved preset there were no settings. i believe thats why it wasnt eating
  11. Hey, I just bought this script and a couple of times ive found it logged out without an explanation with the bot still running. below, copied to paste bin are both the bot, and client debugs. Can you look into this... Thanks BOT Debug https://pastebin.com/V5vLDhjn Client Debug https://pastebin.com/duhm6wgG
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