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  1. Im am going to be rewriting this script starting tonight with ABCL10 and ABC2 Stay tuned.
  2. Been away for a long while, my old rs account got banned, until I do the quest again or get my hands on an account that's done the quest I can't update this script. Will keep you all posted.
  3. I want to go out of my way to high light the high quality of this script. Exceeds all others I've tried on this website in terms of efficiency, reliability and human-like gameplay.
  4. Hey Tribot. 1.08 has most of the bugs (that would stop the script functioning) squashed. You should still babysit it but it shouldn't require any interference.
  5. It doesn't do that yet but thanks for the great suggestion, I'll work to have this added when I can find the time Edit: I noticed a bug that i made by mistake without properly testing before going out which makes the script fuck up after getting the slime - it's an easy fix but, I won't be able to fix this until tomorrow.
  6. Quick-links: Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1226 This script worships the ectofuntus using any bones you'd like. Requirements: -Ghosts ahoy quest. -Ectophial in inventory. -9 Buckets in inventory. -9 Pots in inventory. -make sure you wield your ghost speak amulet. Features: -Collects buckets of slime. -Crushes bones into bonemeal. -Worships the Ectofuntus. -Collects Ecto-Tokens. -Supports banking. Upcoming: -Buying buckets of slime from the port. -Support for the agility shortcut. Note: -I do not actively play runescape and although I've made an effort
  7. Quick-links: Repository URL. I've been out of the scripting scene for a very long time, I thought I'd ease back in by releasing some community scripts. I made this script because I didn't want to pay/didn't like what was readily available which did the same task. This script features: Clean, well-written code. Anti-ban features that extend past of which the tribot client offers. 100% uses names, instead of ID's which makes it far less likely to break in the foreseeing future. Eats any food. Can use both north and south locations for training. Upcoming: World-hopp
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