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  1. [SOLVED] Disabling antiban has fixed this.
  2. yes it is compiled, and my output path is "C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin" which i believe is correct https://pastebin.com/yNbmL5w5 is the full error edit: i think my project settings are ok as i can update the script then compile it and have it execute the change in game.
  3. I'm still getting the exact same error, so i stripped the code to literally just this and had a full invent of steel bars (2353) to try and source the error, why am i getting "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "Bank booth"" (doesnt matter if im stood directly next to the bank or 20 squares away can happen anywhere) as an error when bank() isnt even being called? i feel like im missing something fundementally stupid.
  4. Should be fixed now thanks for pointing that out
  5. i tried that orginally, however it won't click the booth directly, it always moves closer to the bank before attempting to open it, even though bank is on screen.
  6. [SOLVED] Disabling antiban has fixed this. My script functions 95% of the time, at the time the bug occurs the script is often sleeping whilst awaiting a smithing task to be completed. it occurs seemingly without cause, even after already having banked and smelted multiple times, there is no pattern that i can observe. when it does occur, the script doesn’t end but the below bot debug is produced multiple times in quick succession. lastly the camera is automatically re-positioned to focus in on the "Bank booth" which is a) already visible b, I’m not sure why it is being executed during a
  7. Running great so far real quality script, any chance you can change when the script changes the camera angle? atm it does so with the bank open and it just feels abit weird
  8. from my experience you need at least a couple of months with an alright total level / quest points to get a 2 day ban instead of a straight perma
  9. Sounds like you have a flagged ip, ive run this on multiple accounts for over a month with no bans lol, what settings are you using ?
  10. Enjoying this script so far, 2 things that have caught my attention however are, if tasked to fletch something above your actual level it just constantly tries to fletch it despite not being able to, and when the script banks after leveling up it banks the fletched items and the logs even if the script still needs the logs (might just be my personal prefference to not bank the logs) other than that a great script would recommend.
  11. Doesn't matter what settings i use, can't get an account to last past 24 hours - will no longer be using this
  12. no something has changed, i had 3 accounts to 99 over a month ago, now i can't get an account to last longer than 5 hours without getting banned
  13. @Fluffee can we have a update on ETA of patch ?
  14. JarFix worked for me too, was after i installed a newer version of java, messed up what it was opening with
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