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  1. if you fucked the settings and want to delete the old file to install ,a clean newfile. or to restore to default settings. Aany idea how?
  2. thanks! Do you got an idea when you can push this update? as its very annoying this is why: when it go to the deposit box instead of the chosen path, once it has deposit it cant find the path to shop no longer which makes scene cuz its standing at a location it was never supposed to go, so this causes the bot to get stuck and stands there at the deposit box trying to go to the shop... so basically my farm is down waiting for you to inploment so it never uses a deposit box if selected, i would appreciate it it you could do it as soon as possible as its a major issue and am unable to use the script atm.
  3. Sure, there is a location in the game, were there is a bank closer to the shop than the deposit box, the problem is sometimes the screen moves so the player is standing next to the bank booth but the deposit box is visible so it prioritize that,instead of the chosen bank even if he is legit standing next to the bank booth
  4. hey Einstein, i love your shopper but there is one major issue, no mater how many paths i record trying not to uses the deposit box but interact with the bank booth, it always uses the close by deposit box instead of the bank i set/recorded properly. (i tried to record with interact object, without etc) an ez fix would be to provide the option option for example: "Don't use deposit box" "use deposit box" or "use both"
  5. great script but during skilling it te keeps shutting down because of debugg. after showing 5 times "you catch some shrimps" or "you retrieve some loggs" it shuts down because it detects the same message 5 times.
  6. Description: I need a private script that gets the ice gloves for me. It should walk,grab/equip/buy items, and take the ice gloves from the drop. it can use (buy able) teleport for efficient travel. it can be super basic there's no need for a GUI. Payment Amount: The preferred payment of the scriptwriter. Time: as soon as possible Additional: is shouldn't be the most advanced script made but also not the dumbest it should have a bit of randomness i don't wanna use the word but basically (fake) anti ban features. for faster communication add me on discord: hazesmoker#6851
  7. perfect, except with minnow fishing it doesnt reconize the flyfish with me so my inventory goes empty again
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