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  1. As of update today, script is having trouble navigating in resizable mode. Teleports to corp cave and exits and gets stuck. But when in fiixed mode works fine
  2. It's using burning amulet to level 41, going straight through green drags, but im a low level account so thats why i wanted to know if it can avoid the drags
  3. is there a way to change how the bot gets to black chins? My account dies to the green drags when it uses burning amulet
  4. Idk if im not seeing it, but is there an option when taking all the bars to use space bar instead of having the bot drag mouse over and clicking to take all? Edit: Did not see the drop down! For those that come across this is all under "efficiency" section! Always go through things thoroughly instead of looking like an idiot!
  5. Can the free-farming option technically be used for konar tasks? you'd jusst have to set up manually correct?
  6. Ahh maybe i came across something then. As of rn i dont own the script and i have no trial so i cant get you the gif, maybe another user will bring it up. But I noticed it during a kalphite task using a range setup while it banked to get more food
  7. Say its done with a task it goes through the whole process of taking items out of bank and lets say the last item it withdraws is food if we are out of food it deposits all and goes to GE, idk about others but id just go and buy the item. Also it would be a time saver if it saw it needed to restock. Also not just specific to food items Also, from looking at many streamers and some videos, not "everyone" hits deposit whole inventory when banking but i get your point, also seems like it could be an efficiency thing when you dont have to constantly withdraw the same items over and over Edit: Currently I enjoyed the script, but its very early and for the price I don't see it worth it as of now, but that will probably change. Prob better off using an AIO fighter and do one at a time tasks.
  8. is it me or can i not force the script to use prayer? Edit: read the description wrong. Imo i think it would be more beneficial if it asked if you wanted to use prayer on each specific monster, i know it might be tedious to go through the options but i see it more beneficial than just assuming everyones account can tank some of these monsters or not Edit 2: Upon further uses of script, ive noticed the banking can be very bot-like with the constant depositing full inventory and resupply. Also bot likes to use glory(6) over any other ones
  9. Doesn't seem to be working when i start script, it empties inventory and grabs items, repeats. Unless im doing something wrong? Edit: had to have exact setup you see in photo above
  10. Hey, im back after a long break from OSRS. Started botting around 6-12hrs a day for about 5 days. Again running no problem. 10k+ kc(not gonna say exact) not one kill done legit. Really appreciate this script. I have a few questions, i know you answered a question regarding sang staff, will it ever be added? Also currently does script only use anti-venom+ during trips? or can it use regular anti-venom to lower supply cost.
  11. doing al kharid rooft top and it be clicking the first obstacle without moving the camera...doubt a human could see that wall to climb but yet perrfectly click it. how come the camera isnt moving so it faces the obstacle? I didnt disable anything
  12. World hopping seems to be messed up for wildy altar. Goes to non members world and tries to use bones. Same thing for skill total worlds
  13. 100% agree. Yeah I like that idea and it turn it should work out well. Because currently being high hp and guzzle down only 1 or 2 hp while the monsters already are attacking me is a pain lol edit: just wanted to thank you again for listening and responding to me so quickly. Great script and awesome that you made it free
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