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  1. Script ended early on me twice today. Someone about exceeding amount of instances? Only have one instance going at a time.
  2. The neckbeards have arrived to attack sir @TRiLeZ
  3. Fantastic, all the neckbeard triboters will be estatic
  4. Unable to load scripts still, when will this be live again? @TRiLeZ
  5. Trilez is doing website updates.
  6. Trilez is doing website updates.
  7. @Naton (URGENT QUESTION - anyone feel the right to respond to this) Will this reapply scales/darts when low on Blowpipe?
  8. guys it wasnt a 2 day ban it was a perm ban that was quashed.
  9. So a few weeks ago I got an account from a friend, very nicely progressed 60 attack pure that I was very grateful for, given the ownership of the email and everything. I since then have gotten account banned due to a fault in Tri's AIO combat that was discovered by me after the fact. Now the account has since then be sucessfully appealed and the ban has been lifted and has been wiped clean. Question is if I continue on on this account is it: 1) Safe to bot on again, if tactics are changed? 2) If I were to put real effort into making this maxed, is this account really ever going to be MINE without reasonable doubt?
  10. What's your better success rate coming out clean on the other side?
  11. working on it now. WHATEVER I JUST DOWNLOADED FROM THE POST BUGGED ME TF OUT. installed like 5 things
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