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  1. Just noticed a little issue when doing ice giants. It is being attacked by a ice warrior but keeps trying to click the giant I then clicked on the giant myself to get it straitened out and the bot decides to use the teletab back to the bank even though it just came from the bank and has a full inventory of food. "Client debug says We need more food, will bank"
  2. Awesome thanks. Depends how long this account last lol. I came off my 1 day ban took a day break then started back up on it. So far so good, botted some last night and I am still here. I am expecting the ban any moment though considering it was just banned.
  3. Sometimes depending on the task there is only a few pieces of loot so it just looks odd to remove everything from the inventory instead of the 2-3 items. And didn't know there was different profiles for the anti ban so that explains some thing, thanks.
  4. It needs a better algorithm for banking. It will bank everything when restocking during a task, then it pulls out about 5 lobsters eats until it gets full health then once again banks the rest, then it will pull out the teleports, enchanted gem, and lobsters again. It looks so much like a bot doing this. It should only bank the things it looted from the monster during a restock and keep teleports, glory, enchanted gem and other consumables that it takes during the task in the inventory. It also should bring more then one teletab because they stack and it only makes sense to bring at least 3-5.
  5. Using 10.24.2 but when trying to use the GE the mouse just moves in a circle on the banker.
  6. Another thing to do with ammo I am now using a rune cbow but I have magic short bow (i) for my special weapon. It carries the short bow but doesn't take arrows to swap to do the special with. Could you maybe add that it brings 100 or so arrows each task if using the magic short bow (i) for a special weapon?
  7. No worries. I will just make sure to buy more then what I was originally. Loving the script so far.
  8. If I run out of arrows it doesn't purchase more from the GE it just tries to attack my slayer monster. Is there any way to add support for this?
  9. Also if it could use the nearest bank when restocking during task.. I am doing otherworldly beings in zanaris and it teleports out with a glory to bank then has to come all the way back to them. There is a bank chest in zanaris.
  10. Be awesome if you could add safe spot support! So far amazing script working great.
  11. Completed all quest pretty smooth and now I'm using it to do a bit of slayer. Do you have any intentions on adding Mazchna or Vannaka as a slayer master? I really think it would benefit a lot with the script just from doing all the quest you get to combat level 50 which is perfect for Vannaka and you could continue to use slayer to train your combat and even make some profit if it supports looting.
  12. It was within probably 5-6 tiles so well within the 50 tile limit. It had originally got stuck on the island without the pole and plank. I did attempt to restart it because I wasn't sure what it was doing. I ended up completing the quest manually but now I am curious if I was to get a plank and pole if it would've continued correctly. But anyways nearly got all the quest finished a few more left to do. Trying to only let it run for an hour or so at most then I will take a break. If I am not banned by next week I'd say everything is perfect.
  13. Ok makes sense, Animal magnetism was my fault I forgot about the range requirement . So one area where the quest was getting stuck was during mountain daughter when it needed to return to the spirit in the middle of the pool, it did not carry a pole or plank with it to be able to get across so it would just stand on the first island after climbing the tree. There was one or two more which were very minor but I can't remember what quest it was now. I also noticed it would be cool if there could be a check on your location added during the script starting. I will be in the GE and start the script and it will use a ring of wealth to teleport to the GE then start purchasing what it needs. I'll report back with more things I observe later, but great script man. I can tell a lot of work went into this and the fact it is still being actively worked on is amazing. Just don't try to get to many things implemented at once even though more features is nice it tends to be to much to fix at times. I'd like to see this script working flawlessly for months/years to come. One suggestions is I would like slayer to support some higher level masters and tasks. I could grind out some levels using the first slayer master but then it looks strange when you are slightly higher level and still using it.
  14. So far amazing script. Certain quest do require you to baby sit every now and then but for the most part it's great. I made a fresh lvl 3 account last night and I already have 46 QP, combat level 42, 44 prayer and various other skills leveled up. I notice priest in peril is still not working but I am unsure why? The quest has not changed at all, it's still the exact same steps ad guide as it was years ago. I also noticed that animal magnetism is not working either, the scripts opens bank and then ends.
  15. I used the bot and got a fresh account all the way from level 1's to 60 attack, 70 strength, 70 range, 85 magic and also botted various quest and other skills. I think you just got a lot of reports from players and the fact you was stun-alching at edgeville, you know how many people run by there daily. You need to swap locations somewhere less known for a AFK skill. People will be trying to talk to you or even just run by and report you for no reason.
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