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  1. Services We Provide: Questing - can do any quest! Powerlevelling - currently only doing certain skills due to time restrictions. Minigames - can do defenders, mage arena 1 & 2. Contact: Discord: Topsales#4494 Kits: Rock cake - 5M Ava's package - 8M NMZ quests - 8M Mithril gloves package - 23M Desert Treasure package - 23M Adamant gloves package - 37M Rune gloves package - 55M Barrows gloves - message me for price! Quest Prices: Terms of Service: 1.) We can refuse any order. 2.)You will provide everything that is needed to complete the order. 3.) Payment must be paid upfront. 4.)If you decide to cancel your order before it's completed, then you won't be refunded for the progress that has already been done. 5.)Everything is done by hand, but We're still not responsible for any bans/mutes on your account. 6.)You won't change your password in the middle of the order. If you do that, then your order will be cancelled and no refund shall be given. 7.)Your responsibility is to change the password once your order is completed. If anything goes missing on your account after service is done, then We're not responsible. 8.)You are responsible for all items/skills needed to complete the quests you ordered. 9.) By contacting me for a service, you are agreeing that I may give your order to one of my workers. All workers have made deposits and are approved by me.
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