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  1. With TriBot 12 using LG on OpenOSRS; Standing in Edgeville starting the bot it will take Wyrm Bones out of the bank and stop. The client debug says "Withdrawing Items. Attempt Number: 1,2,3,4,5" and "Failed to withdraw items. Stopping Script" even though it withdrawed all the bones. The "Settings" button also seems to do nothing The public altar works fine though, I will use that for now
  2. Ok. So I literally just changed the setting window from Sound to its default setting and it turned "Accept Aid" off. Now it runs perfectly!
  3. Hi! I just bought your script and set up all the settings according to your guide. I also turned off all plugins on OpenOSRS Now when I run the script through the OpenOSRS Looking Glass the script will loop in turning the "Music unlock message" setting on and off. The debug log will also loop with the message "[In Game Settings Manager] Managing your incorrect Settings..." Any idea how I can resolve this? All other scripts I bought work fine.
  4. I just clicked on the order link and saw that I ordered the script twice Could I revert this back?
  5. Hi! I just bought the ARKSlayer Pro script for 30 days and just after finishing the Paypal payment I saw that I was charged 19.00 instead of 9.00 as it said on the story page. My order number is #12616 Could this be resolved? Thanks in advance!
  6. Yeah I know, but I would like to know when the Runelite LG update is released
  7. Nevermind, I think it is because my VIP ran out
  8. I have been botting for a while now and have always succesfully used LG, I needed to reboot my system and booted up Tribot again wanting to start botting again. When I started Tribot again the LG function vanished. I browsed through the updates and couldnt find anything related. I also downloaded the client again and there was still no LG feature. Did I miss something? Is the LG feature still available?
  9. Ive been botting with LG on OSBuddy for the past few days. on and off, sometimes just a few hours sometimes 2 full days. 85 mining and still no ban xD. My breakhandler is set like this: runtime 1:00:00 -+ 15:00 | breaking 30:00 -+ 15:00
  10. LG works on my 64-bit system with java v8u211 32 bit and a 32 bit osbuddy.jar Thanks for the extension! Also thanks for all the hard work
  11. I think it is because Runescape got an update, Runelite doesn't work either.
  12. Hi! I have been using your bot to make Oak Larders and it works flawlessly. Now when I switch to Teak planks and try to make Teak Larders I get the error message that a CSS stylesheet could not be loaded... The exact error message is: [22:55:43] May 19, 2019 10:55:43 PM com.sun.javafx.css.StyleManager loadStylesheetUnPrivileged INFO: Could not find stylesheet: https://pastebin.com/css/ConsCSS.css Thanks in advance! Edit: I have been trying to use other Larders but I get the same error message on every object I try to make the bot use. Seems like it wants to load something th
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