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  1. I tried using other winter scripts on other websites and they're all trash, this one as of right now is perfect. Im using it on a main with heavy break timers and ive had no issues. It will be a easy cape with this script. Thank You!
  2. Used the script for a month or so with no issues 3/20/2020. Im really glad this is one of the last few working scripts on this website.
  3. Can you explain alittle more on how you achieved 99 mining? What kind of breaks did you use? or did you suicide bot?
  4. Just got 99 using this script. Thank you so much. I used it along with smart break handler settings and only letting the bot run for 5 hours a day (Not including breaks).. with breaks about 8 hours
  5. Turned up the mouse speed just alittle bit because 'normal' seems just a tiny-bit slow. Everything is still working perfectly 3/1/2020
  6. For a Dharoks,b-gloves, fury, beserk, dragon boots corner afk setup with all 80 combat stats, I'm getting around 63k attack exp per hour. Using Dad, Me, Black Demon, Khaz warlord and ice troll king. Custom rumble hard. Does this setup + exp rate sound normal? (no i dont have desert treasure completed) Script seems to run very efficiently
  7. Just a couple minor things. Script works well but on Firegiants (waterfall). If you're safespotting with range, one of the giants is our of range from the safespot and it will run back and forth between the spot and the firegiant. Thought you should know. Thanks! Update: Looting hasn't been working at all when using the gp value threshold. I set it to 1000 and its picking up earth runes off the ground but not red d'hide chaps. Not sure why. I'm at wyrmms for konarr
  8. as of 2/22/2020 its working flawlessly.
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