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  1. What is the diffrence between my services. i Need em for Runescape botting, proxy. 3 accounts pr ip max Premium Private Proxy & VPN 5usd (3) - Premium Private Proxy 12usd Can you tell me what do do exactly. the 5$ product seems good for... because i cant figure out what ips i can take to put into my bot. are they in the vps contol panel??
  2. [14:37:43] java.lang.NullPointerException [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.I(BankHandler.java:1299) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.k(BankHandler.java:443) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.jc.A(BankHandler.java:110) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.z.L(Motherlode.java:137) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.Main.B(Main.java:334) [14:37:43] at scripts.miner2.Main.run(Main.java:187) [14:37:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) I had this error today. I just xed the client and opened again and it worked.... But now i am sitting here wondering what it was Arop
  3. I was using custom path. i forgot that, but now i chose not to. And tryed to delete the TRiBot-11.0.8 jar in the folder you mentoined, but nothng worked, it wont start more than one accont, and it dosent even start it yea.. Hmm
  4. And even with a bot open and using the client starter it wants me to login.. it remnembers my userlogin detains but yea..
  5. I already did that, its using my username and password. It wants me to tru the login screen everytime. no mather what i do.
  6. TRiBot is now working. but I have to login everytime i run a User thru the client starter... and then it doesnt run the script. so somthing is wrong yea.,
  7. Has been working fine for me sisnce today. When i run via the client starter it Opens up the TRiBot Login and wants me to login in everytime now, and then it dosent run either the script or the user i pick. For example i use the script "Login" .. but it dosent do anything.
  8. In the new Openbeta version. Resize function is working. IS THAT SAFE???? . the fixed client is messing with the script because the buttom is missing Like that.. and then the script only works if i drag the window bigger from one of the corners.... https://imgur.com/I0gpjNm
  9. For 2-3 months ago i got banned more often than nowadays anyone experiense the same?
  10. So clicking "Dont show this message again" will fix it or am i wrong?
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