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  1. I waited 6-8 minutes before interacting with it serveral times, and it only occurs when it falls down and hugs the wall
  2. @Einstein Bot gets stuck everytime it falls of the roof at the general store. to fix this i need to manualy walk a bit south-east.
  3. i think i get it This would be the correct way then?
  4. xMarkSpot

    Break handler

    Hello, I've read serveral topics but i still don't understand how to make the bot start after lets say 14hours have passed. It will wait 14 hour and then go to the second line. Then it will play for 20-40 minutes and takes a break for 1:50-2:10 Then again will play for 20-40minutes and take a break for 1:50-2:10 And then it will play for 0:50-1:10 and stops Is this the correct way to use break hanler?
  5. Are you using looking glass? ifso u need jdk 8 then, people say u102 works best but i have yet to find a version wich runs the script stable
  6. Do you set the screen big enough? also try the option "prefer click on screen instead of minimap" and make sure ur camera zoom is between 4-3 where 5 is max
  7. Lol idk why i didn't try that, @Worthy sayd all lowercase though
  8. The signature doesn't work for me. I use this url: "http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayerV2/sigs/xmarkspot.png" but return me with the error: "Go Home or complain elsewhere."
  9. xMarkSpot

    Looking glass

    I opened runelite first then tribot and selected looking glass but it says i need to run java jdk. Wich version must i choose? using ubuntu 16
  10. Hi @Worthy , Bot is stuck at castle wars bank and script says: Wating for gui settings. The bot itself does click on equipment tap and first tab in bank but thats it. Did everything correctly and followed the read me and troubleshoot nvm reinstalled java and rebooted
  11. Yea its complex lol tryed to make custom reset aggro spots but if u walk 1 tile the oposite way the lines get resetted and ur bot wont reset. Didnt know it was an tribot feature. I think castle wars/Clan wars is fast to bank and then use a xeric talisman or house teleport and lunar isle portal is legit looking also skills necklace, amulet of glory, enchanted lyre and ring of wealth Also if u teleport the aggro field wil reset to standard so every time u teleport the line wil start at the beginning of rotation
  12. Loving the script so far! the only things that could be better imo is resseting agro and moving mouse from screen when idle. Runelite has a plugin wich lets you see where you have to walk to reset aggro and is most of the time very close to where you are standing, so it cuts walking time in half at the minimum. And the move mouse from screen when idle is always using the same mouse placement at all the 4 sides of the window, it could be more random atleast and maybe a function wich let you choose only 1 side of the screen so it looks more legit And maybe eat food when it uses a potion, looks more legit and afk And maybe add teleport options for bank
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